a bit of nonsense on Thursday


While the dog gazes wistfully - would he like to join in perhaps? -  upon the countless hares cavorting all over the place, the giraffe manages to lick the distracted Indian in the face, judging by his expression I think it’s safe to say the hippopotamus thinks this quite hilarious and the pig, well the pig just keeps on trotting……..


Liz A said…
Your hares resemble Texas jack rabbits with those wonderfully long ears
Dana said…
Did you make a hare stencil? It is wonderful! The looser overlapping animals are also great...aniballs.
Saskia said…
not a hare stencil, just painting over and over again, Dana

googled the Texas jack rabbit and found a couple of really funny illustrations, they do indeed have long ears, Liz, like mine
Saskia said…
oh and Dana: aniballs! great new word
Anonymous said…
ik hou van je vrijdag nonsens
je mag er ook maken op zaterdag en ook op zondag .... i look for it
liefs M.
Julie S said…
These would make great cards.
Nancy said…
Ooh! Those colors!! And the animal party happening over there looks like an awful lot of fun!
Susan said…
These watercolors are all so wonderful, Saskia. I like them so much, the transparency and parts they share. All the ones in the other posts too, especially the dogs.
Saskia said…
hee Maria we blijven ons best doen, hè

thanks Julie, I agree and now I have to get down to the business of finding a business that could do that for me!

thank you Nancy, I will be making more

Grace thx to you too, knowing you love them is good

Susan, water colours were never my forte and now I've let go of expecting.....anything.....and then this happens, it's kind of magical



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