doodling continued

the quiet before the storm

Roger van Boxtel (unfortunately you can't see him as Ro, book shop owner is standing right in front of him whilst introducing him to the crowd) presented his book yesterday 'van Trilling tot Rilling', it consists of a series of interviews with musical folks. From what I gathered, the book deals mainly with the contention that music has healing properties and the interviewees illustrate this claim by examples from their personal and professional experience. I hasten to add that the author makes no claims to having written a scientific nor comprehensive study, the book is the condensed result of his life-long personal interest in music. The presentation was followed by an animated discussion and live music!
from the bustle of the town to the calm in the studio a day later: a sleeping model lying close to the warmth of the wood burner, we lost an hour today and hoped for longer light, alas it rained All Day and the skies remained boringly grey

however we did not despair and the water colours continue to materialize, March hares abound today

Django and Tungsten side by side on my studio wall, our youngest son suggested: yin&yang, ha!


Liz A said…
Love your wild hares ... (double entendre intended)
Ms. said…
Woohooo...Yes Yin/Yang that will be the prize winner. The two of them mimicking the symbol in a perfect, unbroken circle. Do do that, and wouldn't it make lovely cards.
Anonymous said…
like i say yesterday
i'm wordless
groetjes M.
Marti said…
Doodles deluxe creates formula for family love:

Creativity in watercolors by Saskia plus two magnificent models, Tungsten and Django, plus thoughtful suggestion by young son equals:

Loving family gallery.
Patty said…
Your yin-yang dogs do look to be
draped around a circle, an earth, in motion while sleeping.

Suggests change, seasons. I do love
these paintings!
Saskia said…
thanks Patty, I love the speed with which these paintings are made!

Marti, such kind, thoughtful words, thank you.

hi M. dank, puur zijn dat is een mooi compliment

Michelle, well maybe I will make yin yang cards, I like this idea a lot

wild hairs huh Liz, some days more so than others.....
jan said…
Am loving the Hares, wild or otherwise. Easter Hares. X
Saskia said…
Jan, you nailed it



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