a bit of sunshine can do wonders

Today the weather is almost too fine
Lulling us into the belief Spring has actually arrived.

Add to this the noisy dawn chorus of bird gossip this past week: chirrrrrup! tweet-tweet…..ahahahah ooooooee, drrrr , drrrrr, rrrrrrrrookoo, rrrrrrrrookoo and we are virtually convinced

a rough transcript of the conversation I overheard this morning:

“I rediscovered last year’s nesting place, only to find squatters had beat me to it; can you believe that?


Ye-e-eess; I kindly requested they vacate the premises and do you know how they responded?


In a not so very polite manner they shooooooed me off! told me to get the f* out of their squat and mind my own business. Can you believe that?


Ye-e-eess. So, how about your selves, have you managed to find a nesting spot?

Indeed we have! Do you know the blue shed, the one she refers to as ‘her studio’ ?


Well there are several wooden boxes screwed onto the north-facing wall, we found an empty one and moved in straight away!

No-o-oooo, good for you!

Ye-e-eess, we feel most fortunate”

And so on, and so forth


Unknown said…
Bird-brains. Actually much like us!
Liz A said…
Don just put a bunch of my thread ends out by the bird bath ... I'm hoping the birds will make good use of them
he's wondering about his responsibility about those birds.
Mo Crow said…
oh ha! good one Saskia
Anonymous said…
je laat me glimlachen
"the gossip bird in the three "
a new novelle by Saskia
you are on your place in that bookstore aren't you
groetjes M.
Ms. said…
Well what a delight...it's not every day one overhears the details of avian conversation. They'll work it out somehow. They always do.
Julie S said…
You are fluent in so many different languages.
Wendy Watson said…
I'm glad to hear there are others who listen in to conversations between birds. Just the other day I hear some birds in the tree I was sitting under and they were discussing whether the could poop on me from where they were! Such juvenile behaviour . . . it's as well that their parents were off getting food for them.
Anonymous said…
your totems will flock back!
Saskia said…
aha more bird lovers out there: they (our avian friends) are incorrigible gossips, perhaps one of the reasons I love them so much, feeding my not-so-secret-anymore desire to know more, offering a chance to eavesdrop inconspicuously from my bed or else in the garden pretending to read a book in the first rays of sunshine
Dana said…
For the last three mornings I have been awakened by spring songs in the woods. Bird chat.
Patty said…
Here new bird voices are arriving
weekly. Lots of gossip about the
cold. Love that soon the yard will
be full of bird song!



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