books, art, dog

collage in book shop, 
several cards still on studio table (are now in the store, sold first one yesterday!) 
Django on our morning walk  
book shop open every second Sunday of the month for the 'culturele route' in town with a couple of familiar cloth pieces dangling from the ceiling


Marti said…
The last photo just draws me in, wish it could be so for real. This is my kind of bookstore, filled with so many things to catch the eye and Saskia, your cloths, cards and collage all create such an inviting place. .
Patty said…
I love seeing your cloth
in the book shop! You're in
new, fertile ground. Wish I
could drop in for a book.
Liz A said…
Oh, what a wonderful place ... and your pieces fit in so perfectly.
Nancy said…
Saskia...this is a wonderful post! Seeing your work in the store, among the books must be so satisfying. And it is such a nice fit, looks so at home. How I wish I could read all the book titles and I wonder about the 'grenades' on the table. The book with the rowboat looks inviting.
Ms. said…
Lovely to get your things out in the world! Ah the dry grasses along the water draw me in....perfect place for a dog to get good scents too.
Dana said…
Me too, me too!! I'd love to come and browse in your store. Your cards are lovely.

Django certainly looks fit and happy.
Debbie said…
Love the cards and how delightful to have your work hanging in a bookshop, I love bookshops we seem to have less and less of them over here since Amazon.
Julie S said…
This bookstore looks like one of your creations in the studio butthere are no ducks.

What a dream come true for you!!
Anonymous said…
how nice to have a place to plunk your beautiful work... and yes, I agree, that bookstore is so, so inviting!
Liz A said…
And I'm thinking how cool to be a customer bringing one (or more) things up to the register and then discovering that the artist is the one ringing me up ... I'd be blissed out.
Has anyone asked you to do workshops, I wonder?
there is That FEELING, looking here
of the warmth and welcome that only
a small bookstore has...and now
with your Cloths overhead...SO Great,
really Great. I am happy for you
Mo Crow said…
love your moon cards and what a great place to show your work!
Saskia said…
greetings to all, the book shop is indeed a lovely place and if you should happen to be in the neigbourhood........we sell a small collection of books in English as well! we also have another storey with second-hand books, will take photo's

Liz: as to your question: what would you suggest as a workshop? because I have given workshops and appreciate more input here; in the very near future the plan is to make cards together with the two other women -Emmy and Inge- who work in the shop, in my studio using all the techniques at our disposal, mixing fabric paper lino-prints stencils etc. Member number four Ro (or Robert) a man btw isn't quite as interested in the making, he's more of a writer/poet/wordman.

so there are four of us, all part-time book shop keepers, all for the love of books!

thank you all for your heartwarming comments, I apologize for not answering enough, have been very busy all-round



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