still here

it's been a while as I've been busy, not only in office & book shop, both boys have school related presentations requiring our enthusiastic presence and last Sunday was film-packed at the IFFR*, the sewing I managed to squeeze in has been meditative, meticulous and slow, so not a lot to show here; however I have attempted to take pics of the progress of this particular cloth, funny how the growth seems to run in sync with the season's tentative steps towards the promise of warmth and light

another promise: the anthropology of turquoise by Ellen Meloy, first encountered over at Grace's 

* International Film Festival Rotterdam


am hoping you like the book but wonder
if it has such great meaning to me because i know the landSCAPE?

maybe it's a good thing this Cloth
needs to be slow...there is so much
to consider in many singular
places within.
Liz A said…
I for one am glad your cloth is not racing toward the finish line ... its slow unfolding is a joy.
As for Ellen Meloy ... I love that you will encounter the southwest landscape through her words ... and the inner landscapes will surely be familiar territory ... enjoy!
Nancy said…
Oh Saskia...this cloth is moving on, forward beautifully. Today I really notice the many many many stitches and the tree. The book looks interesting. I have my own personal connection to turquoise, so I may have to check it out. I am so glad to see you here, I was wondering for in my head it has seemed like ages!
Anonymous said…
This tree has a big life form
je kan er geborgen in schuilen
yes slow is really o.k.
daar heb ik van te leren
thank you saskia
Marti said…
A story takes time to unfold and this story, this cloth, continues to take me on a wonderful journey of so many levels, of so many places and in this moment, I am wandering the stitch trail. I don't do stitching like this, I don't exactly know how so for me, it is fascinating to see your stitching and how it enhances the dyed pieces. How it gives such vibrancy to this cloth, something I had not considered since for me and what I do with cloth, it is all about the dye colors and marks, so I am learning and it is good.
Dana said…
Oh lovely. It is so satisfying to watch this cloth take shape.
Julie S said…
serene. What stitch do you use for the heavier outline?
Saskia said…
Julie: double thread, split back stitch
Els said…
Mmmmm prachtige boom geworden !
Debbie said…
slow cloth, my favourite, I don't know what to do with myself when I finish stitching something. Your cloth is beautiful.
Anonymous said…
I love this cloth more than I can say....



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