travelling back in time

was at a winter fair in Arkel yesterday afternoon, although there's nothing wintry about the weather....the fair was situated around this mill dating back to the 16 hundreds; inside the huge wheel on the top floor was whirring as the sails were moving with the winds

my work schedule differs from 'normal' weeks, I now have a Monday off, luckily so for today is yet again sunny, soft and bright; a walk in the woods with Django who at this particular spot has detected the scent of something very interesting, if his frantic digging is anything to go by; I stand and wait patiently for a while, not difficult with my face towards the sun, all to no avail as he had nothing to show for it, okay we continue the walk.

I feel I live in such a small world, the big world out there seems such a long way away, unimportant, unreal, springing to life when I emerge and choose to join it; the studio itself is full of beings with their own stories, enough to keep me here for the rest of my life if that were possible

the stories of my past echo and the tree from the garden in Brigg, the hollow tree that is ingrained in my mind demands to be seen yet again, so here goes....I've drawn the first lines on this nine-patch, see what happens next

another small patchwork with the dog, more colours this time and some black squares! just to get me out of my comfort zone; also this hand-sewn patching is really good practice for me as I have no hand-quilting past

have to have a tent in there somewhere, as I did a lot of 'camping' in the garden in England; it was truly a garden of eden

add on:

a bit more travelling: to visit Anne Mette Hjortshoj Danish potter

'paying honest attention'


Liz A said…
You know how I love this critter trio ... how good of you to "find" such a lovely tree for them ... can't wait to see what's next!
deanna7trees said…
a beautiful post. love your critter drawings on cloth....and so enjoyed the video of the Danish Potter. i took pottery classes at the Brooklyn Museum in NYC when i was in college. i was terrible at it but i enjoyed it nonetheless. thank you for sharing.
Liz A said…
And what a beautiful video ... especially this:

"I am fortunate to find a way where life goes too fast"
Saskia said…
Liz and Deanna, I am glad you like the critters, I can brood on such an idea for ages and then it materializes in a blast; I agonize over what colour thread I should use, opt for yellow, hate the result pull it all out, attempt a blue creature and finally end with black, decide I like that for a while.....start the tree with black and move on to dark blue and green (not in photo here, as I stitched that last evening) and on it goes, much like the potter remarks, it never ends and you keep discovering new aspects of what you're working on, the choices you keep making, at times being very disappointed with the result, and yet, we keep on going, what else can we do?
Mo Crow said…
love your tree totem!
Saskia said…
ha Mo, I like that: a tree totem!
Nancy said…
Love the animal totem tree. It amazes me oh you capture your dogs so well (yes I'm aware I keep saying this over and over - wait til you see how I draw and you'll know why!!)
I also love the opening in those trees at the waters edge. I always notice that space. This view is beginning to feel so comfortable, like home.
I love Django's shiny black fur as he digs and finds nothing! But am also a bit glad I can enjoy the view without the wet doggie smell! haha
I will have to come back to the video as I'm off to bed now.
this post is so much...there is your
Work...which has that same quiet attention that i see with walking, with the companionship of woman and dog
and then the video of this woman Telling.
so there is what i see and hear and read but along side these, there is something else that presents that i have no words for but gives me such a gift this morning of Saturday now...thank you, Saskia
Saskia said…
Nancy: a space here that feels familiar to you, well that I think is good; such an expanse of water doesn't need much more than subtle changes of light to bring on a completely different atmosphere, I often imagine a traveller walking here for the first time, stumbling upon this view, their jaw dropping in awe and exclaiming stuff like 'wow' or ' beautiful, I'm gobsmacked' much like me when I'm abroad and my heart leaps for joy as my eyes feast on the rolling hills in south east U.K. or wide open beaches in Denmark, lochs lit up suddenly by a sun beam slipping through clouds in Scotland......

the video is well worth it!

Grace, I just loved this video and this woman dedicated to her craft, her pots, her fire....must watch it yet again
i am back again, it's Saturday eve here, the 29th eve
and i am looking even more closely
you tree and being cloth is extraordinary and i watch again the video.., this woman, how she is Telling. I cannot
get enough of all of this.



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