looking forward with a backward glance

 following the black dog along memory trails of yesteryear
 the bare branches beckon to the cold, dark season: come come your time is now

the overwhelming joy at finding your lover within arm's reach; new lovers discovering each other's bodies

no I have not forgotten our Tungsten, he died yesterday a year ago; time flies whether or not you're having fun, I wish I'd made more sketches of him - I didn't because I thought I couldn't draw, now I think that the latter doesn't matter, the drawing itself helps you to observe better and that matters not the result


you did draw. and it does matter that
you did. Tungsten.

who is the new woman?
Saskia said…
she was born yesterday, or rather the day before yesterday
I didn't go back far enough!!!!!!!!!!!
i missed all that.....eeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saskia said…
haha, yes everything's out there for you to read..........
Dana said…
I love the sketch of Tungsten...you were definitely seeing him and that is what we are all hoping for, right? He may be gone, but he is still with you.
Liz A said…
Oh my ... I had a horrible experience in college in a drawing class where the prof would stop and talk to each person about their work ... then he would come to me and couldn't find a thing to say(this is my memory and probably not accurate).
So yeah, I pretty much think I can't draw. But I want to, even so. And reading what you have to say, that it is the act of drawing rather than the end product, I believe I will try again.
Thank you.
Anonymous said…
you say it well , you know
" i thought " i couldn't
en zo beperken we ons ZELF
het tekenen doet HET
kijken beter
jij weet het
Patty said…
Your drawing caught the gesture and personality so well!
Marti said…
A few lines, a few colors, memory in your fingertips and Tungsten comes from your heart. Love in drawing, it doesn't get more meaningful than that...
Mo Crow said…
(((Tungsten))) ((((Saskia))))
Nancy said…
Over one year already? it hardly seems so.
I'm glad you draw.
I not only missed the new lady, but so much more, sigh.
Saskia said…
not to worry Nancy, in your own time, I get that you have a very busy work week! A year already, indeed, luckily we have Django, although I do admit to missing Tungsten terribly the other day......



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