it's coming along very slowly; and I tell self that it's to do with having been very busy at the office and a work schedule that has been different, but then I get to thinking about these words 'very slowly''very busy', by whose standards any of these?  and in a flash I'm looking down at myself and I find I'm smiling and shaking my head for entertaining these thoughts; there is nothing 'very slowly' about it, nor has the office been 'more or less busy than usual', it's all in MY head, apparently I have unspoken expectations and when things don't happen 'fast' enough - even though I haven't defined the outcome or time frame - I feel prone to pass judgment! 

light bulb moment: this is how the mind tricks you into following a dead end path resulting perhaps in dissatisfaction, how you could experience a sense of disappointment for no reason whatsoever, no reason whatsoever.

so, the piece is coming along nicely, exactly as it should be going, period. I particularly like how the thread changes colours, from black to blue to green


deanna7trees said…
nice revelation. love when that happens.
Anonymous said…
the three in the three on top of the animals, ik hou er van !!!
i had also a week with some tension
, it will blow over with the cold wind and cooldown my head .
yes it's al in the mind , i still learn it's o.k.now
groetjes hou je warm
Debbie said…
Its coming along very nicely, funny how your brain messes up your head sometimes.
Liz A said…
Wishing there was less time needed for work and more time available for play seems perfectly reasonable to me.
Still, I think the subconscious mind uses fallow time in order for stitches to evolve as beautifully as these.
Nancy said…
It is beautiful...and yes, coming along just as it should, just as it is.
Unknown said…
The three animals on their way to bremen, right?
Dana said…
Stitching is slow...that is what I like about it. You can only take one at a time. You are right about the chorus of judgemental voices (at least I have a chorus) always shouting about how things should be done faster or better. Congratulations on discerning the hollowness of their message. I love the animals...the dog is especially descriptive...and the changing colors of thread.
Els said…
(hmmmmm very wise observation .... you've enlightened your own path ;-) !)
Nice tree
Suzanna said…
It's beautiful, Saskia...I love the soft colors...and how you turned your mind around!
Mo Crow said…
the muse sometimes puts on the joker's cap with little ringing bells!



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