two legged dog

'meeting' 50x50cm 2010-2012

finally  'motherhood' is done, 67x177cm 2012

dye results: on the left walnut dye, the two larger strips in the middel: left was wrapped around banana-peels and right was wrapped around copper pipe; the two strips on the right were dyed in onion skins, the brighter version had onion skin bits tucked into the bundle, resulting in more colour


am just LOVING seeing more of You,
more of the art that flows from you during this time. it's very much
Saskia said…
oh thank you
you know, having the blog, the visual diary as it were, helps me focus and makes me more aware of all that I see and feel and therefore do
deanna7trees said…
everything here is beautiful. i like your quilted circles and the addition of the lace section. good luck this weekend.
Nancy said…
Love this cloth. The circles, the weaving squares...the placement is very interesting to look at. What am I seeing in the bottom left? A green giraffe? So many stitches from your hands and heart, it's beautiful.
Saskia said…
this 'motherhood' piece was in fact a labour of love and sore fingertips, the seemingly endless stitching was a wonderful meditation; the green giraffe comes from a design I made for the boys' birthcards, more on that here



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