Here's a sample of Mia's fabrics: linen and cotton and velvet and mixed cloths.
Mia is 84 and has worked mainly with leather, making bags for many years, and she has also dabbled in working with fabrics and painting. At this time in her life, she has decided certain activities are just too much and she will concentrate on drawing and painting. After visiting our exhibition she fell in love with my work and rang me to make a very generous offer: would I be interested in some linens? Would I indeed?! So last weekend I visited her and came away with two bin bags stuffed with glorious cloth.

butterfly, peacock and flower motifs

the exhibition was a roaring success; my father sold two thirds of his collection (he had 38 pieces) my mother sold all (21) her dolls' dresses and I sold 19 (of 21)...you can imagine we were all three delighted!! I've had such wonderful feedback from everyone who visited, I'm still floating.

100% of my parents' earnings and 20% of mine go to a good cause: a Fillippino family of five, consisting of the mother Vilma, who works in Singapore as a nanny (and hardly ever sees her own children) and whose three children are looked after by her aunt in the Fillippines (there is no father...)the two elder children have both enjoyed a good education these past couple of years, in part thanks to my parents, so very soon they will become independent and be able to help themselves and their mother!  My parents met Vilma when they were visiting my brother's family whilst they lived in Singapore about 7 years ago and Vilma was their nanny. My mother decided she wanted to help her and has done ever since.


and colours

lion sits well with home-dyed fabric

start of something new


Anonymous said…
what a perfect beneficiary for cloth! I have a contact in the high end upholstery business that allow me to pick through their scraps once or twice a year... I get the most gorgeous stuff, some of which goes for $100's per yard!! And I shrieked when I saw the lion under the blue tree! That is the fabric that is on my dining room chairs. When K & I got married, it was one of my gifts to us to cover the chairs (which were yellow and orange). I am impressed by your family's generosity.
deanna7trees said…
what a wonderful giving family you are. so glad for the success. you all deserve it.
Nancy said…
Everything about this post is so wonderfully full of good feelings...of good life! Cheers to you and your family!
it could not have been better...
All of it. and now...the
Saskia said…
thank you all
it was really something special



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