more pieces done

winter piece/negative, 2012 50x70cm

tree of life/life's cycle mixed media 2008-2012, canvas is 40x50cm

I apologise for the poor quality of the imges: it's raining buckets and the flash-like the weather- is inclement


am really enjoying seeing the
various ways of your work. this
is very beauty full
deanna7trees said…
just love your tree of life mixed media piece. very effective stitching throughout. and that dog that i saw at the last minute. wonderful.
Nancy said…
With each post you share, I feel as if I know you more and sink into your work as a comfortable place to be. I feel a special kinship to what you make. But the dog...the dog is gorgeous and full of life - very talented stitching indeed! And I love the 'things' you choose to add, making it 'mixed-media'...very nice :)
Saskia said…
oh thank you three so much! you have no idea what it means to me to feel recognition for what I make, again 3 Big Thank You's Grace, Deanna and Nancy
jan said…
these are truly beautiful Saskia. I especially love 'winter piece/negative'. Mmmmmmm. Jan
Saskia said…
Thank you Jan, I am grateful for all the positive feedback here, it can be quite lonely in the studio; will see how 'the public' will react this weekend
Anonymous said…
wonderful to see your work. I really love the whitish one with the subtle strokes of green and areas of stitching. hope the show was a success!
Saskia said…
ha Dee: the show starts this weekend, sunday the 14th and will continue for a week; I'll have to wait and see people's reactions, thank you for yours over here!



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