out in the field

we had frost last night and an hour's extra sleep: we now live in winter-time

dead hare 


tree lion


borders alongside the corn and wheat are planted with insect-attracting-flowers, these insects are supposed to eat the crop damaging ones

beautiful sun today
two tone

I feel as if I have gathered inspiration for my work; I'm slowly sinking back into the studio, sorting out the new and old fabrics, labelling and storing, have started two new pieces and am reworking an old one.


deanna7trees said…
great images. love that tree lion.
Saskia said…
yes isn't he just great!
Anonymous said…
somehow the hare and the lion are a pair. both opening the heart.
Saskia said…
yes I found the hare first and then saw the lion
Susan said…
Saskia! I found you. What a nice blog you have. I think that is the way I gather inspiration, too.
Saskia said…
Hi Susan, welcome!
yes isn't this virtual world just great for meeting and gathering.....
Love your site and what you do and make.



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