exhibition 2014

former bankbuilding, now gallery/work/living space

'a year has gone by, a lot has happened' 100x125 cm 2014  (no longer for sale) I have decided I want to continue working on this one.....
in daylight....
'conversation' 36x42cm 2014   175,- euro 
'moon leaping hares'  17x56cm 2014  sold and modified see here

'a beginning' 36x43 cm 2014   SOLD

 'hardly there at all' 16x50 cm 2014 modified see here

'hare's slightly longer tale' 16x38cm 2014 gift for M.

'schijn bedriegt or sheer deception' 29x49 cm NOT FOR SALE

'black flower' 21x28 cm 2013 modified

'woven together' 33x61 cm 2013 to be given away/sent!

'light moon' 24x37 cm 2013 SOLD

'looking out' 26x35 cm 2013  modified

'how utterly absurd' 17x48 cm 2013 100,- euro

'imprint/afdruk' 23x34 cm 2013 SOLD

'hare's short tale' 8x27 cm 2013 75,- euro

'blackbird' 34x40 cm 2013  given to Fred from debankvannoppes as a thank-you 
'puzzle' 26x27 cm 2013  75,- euro

'sommerhus' 40x52 cm 2013  modified

'hiding under a black moon' 23x26 cm 2013  SOLD

'prayer/gebed' 25x32 cm 2013  gift for N.

'(self)reflections 32 x 35 cm 2013 SOLD
'doorkijkje' 23x32 cm 2013  SOLD

'hare gazing at dark moon' 22x43 cm 2013  SOLD

'the river' 26x34 cm 2013  SOLD

'the curtain' 32x35 cm 2013  modified see the result here

'embracing the rainbow' 22x43 cm 2013  150,- euro

'embracing what happens' 49x59 cm 2013  250,- euro

'earth mother'  22x22cm  SOLD

'winter' 50x68cm 2013  150,- euro

'Mr.Foxcat' 29x42 cm 2013 SOLD

'small bird has left home' 26x39 cm 2013 Return Gift

'the eye patch' 31x50 cm 3013 SOLD

'hazemannetje' 38x52 cm 2013 SOLD


Mo Crow said...

what a fabulous body of work Saskia, Congratulations !

saskia said...

thank you Mo, well you've been there just recently...so you know

Liz Ackert said...

Oh my goodness ... I am in awe (somewhat belatedly, but better late than never)

For sure I will be returning here ... and must make a point to see what else I've missed