May haikus

Just one rule for May: each haiku is printed/written/collaged onto a page from an old book on Raoul Dufy, one of many I inherited from my grandparents' huge collection. I know some gasp at the desecration, so be it. They each measure appr. 13 x 17,5 cm = 5 x 7 in.

Most haikus consist of 17 syllables, meaning some don't, just worked out better that way.



Liz A said…
as a one-time librarian, I well-know that some books outlive their intended-use lives ... it is a joy to see a book find a new life in altered form ... far from desecration, I'd call it resurrection
Saskia said…
thank you very much Liz, once again you have suggested a spot-on-word for what's happening here, resurrection (like desecration) holds biblical connotations which I find hilarious and profound all at once!



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