animystical beings

as the sun shone fiercely this week I hung up a piece of thick cotton against the east-facing studio window, transforming the view into a shadow world

frustrated at complete* lack of recognition from The Art World I fortunately lost myself in making several collages, combining paper and cloth, using older sewn pieces, a linoprint from something my dad had cut (text: someon[e] at the door, e having dropped off somehow) and cutting up newly painted figures and ipad-prints, creating animystical beings, a word I think I just invented, perfect for what they are to me

*some days are like that notwithstanding supportive comments from you folks here and friends closer to home!

same collage with the addition of earth-for-grounding

hidden dog, or dog hiding in tent

an older cloth-collage I really like and wanted to keep just on it's own, in a frame
I cut up 'book of leaves' because that wasn't working for me, I've reused bits in collages

partial lino print, made with the cut lino I rediscovered in a box,  thus they i.e. parents keep on nagging at me....however not going there today

this loose armed fella needed a pal to pat, now where did dog's head go?

combining black&white cut-off with toad's short poem typed on fabric, I really like this poem almost as if I hadn't made it myself

blue figure in bathing suit on the right is calling out: this way to the swimming pool!

all the human figures I have been painting of late are inspired by a painting I made as a nine year old of a girl in an orange bikini (I didn't even like orange)
at the time I was not happy with the result, my mother was and insisted I enter it as planned into the competition at the local swimming school; I won second prize, a black sports bag with the swimming school logo, I thought it was very cool and I think it's about the only prize I ever won
anyway, that same squarish figure is the blueprint for my depiction of humans today, something to hang onto....

again, a dog walked up and insisted he be glued in

a rainbow fragment (from book of leaves) glued onto figure turning him into an Indian Friend, North American Indian I mean; as a child I had a whole second NAI family, I told my mother all about them and she recorded several of my stories. They, my imaginary family, meant a lot to me and I spent many hours in the garden playing in the two tents I had: one a regular shaped blue/orange one and a black tipi with 'Indian' adornments. I had a lively imagination according to my mum. Looking back I seem to remember how connected I felt to everything in that particular garden. This was during our time in the UK, where we lived in a small town in the British countryside, and the house was surrounded by a large garden, quite unlike the town house in the Netherlands where they spent the rest of their lives.

a quote I read on Instagram, I forget where and I just love it as it puts into words what I sense my art is about
'The residual purpose of art is purposeless play. This play however, is an affirmation of life - not an attempt to bring order out of chaos nor to suggest improvements in creation, but simply a way of waking up to the very life we're living, which is so excellent once one gets one's mind and one's desires out of its way and lets it act of its own accord.' John Cage


lack of recognition.....
No te Rindas!!!!!
i SEE what is happening with your OutPouring is as it has
always been in some ways, but is now so much if you
have touched in to Them and They are finally being able to
be brought to Life...or, life in this plane, as our limited
perception allows
Do not give up...and i see you haven't, but figure out how to
move in that world. I understand recently after years of feeling
unrecognized or Less [than what it takes], i understand recently
how much is required beyond the actual Get it Out There
and i realize that i have never had the Will to Get it Out There
and so....i make stuff for no one but this me. Not how i'd
imagined it to have gone, but how it is. I believe in your Art.
if i were rich i would build you a gallery, a museum of your own
really i would.

Saskia said…
well that is a very comforting thought Grace, knowing you would buy me a museum, ha!
and yes, being successful* requires a whole lot more than just the making
and I'm not sure I have what it takes
but I am sure I will continue because I just will
because I have to
deep down

interesting to learn you have felt the same Grace

* I use the term loosely
Liz A said…
“animystical” may not be in the dictionary, but it seems quite the right word to me … especially paired with “beings” … which are in the dictionary with this definition that I particularly like: “something that is conceivable and hence capable of existing”

I’m with Grace when it comes to not seeking recognition by the “capital a” Art World … so I may not be the best judge, but I do consider your current creations most art-full
Saskia said…
oooohhhh Liz, I love this definition of beings, 'something that is conceivable and hence capable of existing' I mean that covers just about everything we can imagine; even though I don't feel I have imagined them, they come into existence by a force of their own, might they have conceived of themselves in a way?
I know this could sound wishy-washy, because I realise my hand moves the brush et cetera, but the beings appear on paper by moving through me, like I'm tapping into something bigger than me
even the blueprint-human figures
or maybe it's something I need to believe so as not to stop the flow
thinking as I type here
Mo Crow said…
(((Saskia))) love your "animystical beings" and gosh that first photo of their shadow play is magic!
Liz A said…
even when I think I “know” a word, I like to look in to see what else there is to know
Saskia said…
thanks Mo, I love how something as simple as a cloth and some sunshine can completely alter one's perspective

.....and Liz, I just love this about you!
jude said…
the thing is, there isn't really much art in the art world, so I fear recognition is more part of some imaginary competition without true purpose, sort of like politics. a fluke or a scheme.
nice to see cloth here.
Your work is very beautiful and deep.
Saskia said…
You’re right of course Jude
buysse maria said…
hey Sask ... give what inside is ... shining through it

hou je fris tijdens deze warme zomersedagen , frisse groet
Saskia said…
hey Maria, dank;-)
ik geniet van de hete zon-dagen en lome avonden, ik hoop jij ook!
augustus is plots echt zomer geworden
Nancy said…
The top photo is stunning...magical really with the sun-star stained glass in there, adding just that bit of color to an otherwise monochromatic scheme. Amazing.

I to love Toad's Short Poem and that you somehow, magically TYPED it on cloth! I want to see more of this!

I love that this cloth-collage is so loved, so then kept in a frame to hold, honor it.

Then of course there are the "animystical beings"...each sharing itself with us, the viewer...inviting us to see maybe what you saw, but also maybe what they mean to us! So open-ended they are, that we get to imagine for ourselves and make stories for them in our own heads. I really like Mr. Blue and his dog.

As for you and your making of art...always I've seen you in a gallery or museum...from way back...the cloth with weaving that hangs in my bedroom - Art, The Dwelling - Art...birds, booklets...paintings & cloth...all of it so amazing and worthy of whatever you want to do with it! This latest work, I can totally imagine in a high quality 'coffee table' extra words needed, just the "animystical beings" telling stories.
Carry on Sasx

PS Sorry I'm so late getting here. For some reason your alert emails stopped coming. :)
Saskia said…
yes the previous support for email-subscription stopped Nancy, and I don't really know how to fix that other than you resubscribing with the other searchengines up in left-hand corner [follow]
and could you let me know if you do if it works!
yes typing on cloth looks like yet another avenue I want to pursue.....whatever I do, you'll be reading about it here;-)



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