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After an increase in bothersome thoughts, stuffing my head making my jaws clench, feeling generally unhinged, grumpy and irksome, something had to give. But how or what? I felt stuck. On our daily walk yesterday my husband noticed I was babbling non-stop and hunched over forward: a sure sign Yang energy is rising and Yin energy cannot flow throughout. He's into Tai Chi and I (sometimes) like to listen to him even if I'm not sure what he's on about. Whatever you may like to call it, I knew I was not grounded anymore. During my daily morning Yoga practice I could not balance on one leg in Warrior three! I find this pose a challenge at the best of times, but now I was extremely wobbly and kept keeling over. 
I cannot remember exactly why or when but sometime during the day I realised I was at risk of becoming a grumpy old woman! Oh no, not me. The mere utterance of these words and how true they rang, how my body reacted....It was as if a ray of sun shone through the clouds, I immediately felt lighter.
It's not that I don't want to discuss matters of all kind, what I don't want is to succumb to the weight, to feel I have to convert the ones who have a completely opposite viewpoint, I want to Live and Let Live.
Am definitely feeling a lot better, more energetic today.
Bring on your opinions, news and ill-informed utterances, I will take it all in my stride. We can share, have heated discussions, agree to disagree. Afterwards I will be able to let it go.

Now for more fun subjects. I wanted to attempt filming me as I paint, or rather record the actual painting. I do enjoy watching those reels on Instagram. Not wanting to bother with sawing and screwing, I rustled up a bamboo-wirethread-tripod (previously used as a plant stake) and managed to wriggle the phone in:

the paint results:

more of what I like to call simple collages and a green-fingered Hare, whereby I painted over bits of text on the invitation
they are all for sale in my webshop, which you can find left by clicking on Django

'he has green fingers' 11 x 14 cm

'Walking' 11 x 14 cm

'she has something to hide' 11 x 14 cm

'Simple Dog' 11 x 14 cm

addendum: after a walk this afternoon with close friend, during which I shared my thoughts as stated here and in previous post, she ensured me it is a good thing I care, care enough to want to utter my opinions, join in discussions and try to seek out truths, but she added, 'you are sensitive and stuff permeates your skin, you're not like a lot of people who can let things slide off their backs' I realise she has told me this last bit before and I have tried to protect myself....hmmm, let's hope I remember 


Marti said…
Watching you paint Saskia, has been the most calming and wonderful experience. Your brushstrokes, watching the creatures emerge on paper, put me in a very meditative state and I felt as if I were there with you in your studio- thanks for this truly good time.
CatherinE said…
I very much enjoyed watching you paint!
Saskia said…
thanks Marti, I have to admit to enjoying watching them as well. plans for making more....
Saskia said…
thanks to you too Catherine, beats watching paint dry;-)
Anonymous said…
Nancy said…
Saskia~ This was great! So calming and fun to see what (who) will appear. In the third video, right as you started the dark oval torso, I thought: she's going to add a belt! I wonder why I thought that?! lol Each little creature is so unique and so organic and so real!
I had someone tell me: "we need to get some teflon on you girl" sigh. I work at this stuff too.xo ❤️
Saskia said…
I will be making more in the near future, so be sure to check in from time to time;-)
Saskia said…
ah Nancy, you too, yep teflon or a beeswax-layer might help LOL
funny how your mind imagined something else
I used snippets of paper for most of these and honestly, once I start painting I don't know where it's heading
next time I will (try and) add my thoughts and also show paint pots!
i would love to hear you
as you paint
in your
mother tongue. no translation necessary or
your voice
Saskia said…
this can certainly be arranged Grace;-)
Dana said…
More, more, more painting! I love watching your creatures emerge and take life. Thank you!
Saskia said…
good morning Dana, great to see you back here; of course I will be making more, with a voice....if I can remember to get talking!
Hazel said…
Just loved watching you paint your wonderful characters. Each is a thoughtful story. Your self-reflections are also appreciated. Thank you!
Saskia said…
hello Hazel, watching them materialize does seem a little magical, even to me. Personally I am fascinated watching others paint, stitch, collage et cetera, it is such an intimate process to witness
Liz A said…
the blog gods/monsters (I'm not sure which) gifted me with access today ... and while I have yet to view the videos (lest they boot me out again), I have no doubt I will love them ... having your monthly calendar on the wall in my stitching room is such a joy ... seeing how it must have come into being, even more so
Saskia said…
hi Liz, so glad you made it into my blog-world, even if the moving parts aren't functioning properly for you, I'm afraid I am at a loss what to do about that!
Liz A said…
Saskia - no worries … no “doing” needed on your end, it simply is what it is … it just matures it so the more special when I can be here
Liz A said…
Ha! That would be “makes it all the more special” 🙄



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