for years now I've tried growing poppies, but they don't like the heavy clay we have here

hasn't stopped me trying;-)

a stray seed must have blown onto this unpromising mound of sand and decided to bring me a smile this Summer

I have moved away from working solely in cloth, feeling an incredible Freedom to do as I please and continue to mix my media, whereby earthy elements converge into altar-like pieces

bone cloth family-silver feather glass glue grass ink lino-print mycelium paint paper shell thread wood zinc 

'so much happening here on our dike/er gebeurt zoveel hier bij onze dijk'

mycelium hyphen
an amazing sight to see, growing on mixture of coffee grounds and chopped eucalyptus

my best mycelium experiment so far: frame made from reclaimed drawer and two glass panes found at nearby glass dumpster; 
in between: roof thatching remnants from neighbour's house, home-grown mycelium, agar-agar.
I made this piece May 26 and these images are from June 7
it's like a slice of the underground world!
in bottom image you can see how the thatch is this interaction with mycelium?


Nancy said…
Saskia~ Hey. Hi. It's wonderful to see a post from you. The poppy is beautiful. Our state flower :) What I found most interesting in this new work of yours is that even though it is not your old typical cloth still looks like you, your work! I like the words added on the back.
Mo Crow said…
(((Saskia))) love how this new work is growing!
Marti said…
Earth altars, a continuation of how you honor the land, the bird bones, the time of growth, decay and reclamation; an even more organic way of creating what connects you to your place. In so doing, Saskia, you also connect us as well, those of us who go out into the landscape,(to quote the late Irish philosopher, poet and ex-priest,John O'Donohue) and see it more than a location but as a living place.
Saskia said…
hey Nancy, oh to live in sunny California!
I'm flattered you consider me a cloth-person, personally I don't as I came late to it in life & have no 'fabric-background'.....I have always loved wood & natural materials, admiring from afar others who made objects including all kinds of materials....after dabbling for so long now I took the plunge into waters unknown and exciting;-)
Saskia said…
thank you ((Mo)), live & learn hey
Saskia said…
very organic Marti, this mycelium has got me and my small mycelium-group dreaming earthy tales, leading us into unknown territory
I must add that that is a lovely quote: seeing the landscape as a living place.....
I find it very moving

there are so many images of my 'garden-landart' and the mycelium experiments, I will bore you all in a later post with these, chuckle chuckle;-))

oh, and I LOVE the term 'EarthAltar'....a series of these perhaps.....
i feel the sense of your ENERGY coming through....all this...
wonders of found things
the mycelium....will it run out of Space, as in living space
at some point? I realize how little i know...
am glad to find you here today....Thank you, Love,
Liz A said…
how the poppy reminds me of the photo of your mom from last November, with her dramatic black glasses and red jumpsuit ... may more poppies come of this one, bringing you smiles with each blossom

Saskia said…
the noticing, then the keeping.....then the using of, sometimes years later

the mycelium will grow until it runs out of food, might become dormant...sort curious to see what happens Grace
Saskia said…
oh Liz, I hadn't even made that connection myself, thXx
jude said…
I love that your work is expanding! yes!
problems with poppies here as well, just working on the soil now.
Saskia said…
for sure Jude, expansion feels good
eternally tilling the soil, serves us right for having left paradise;-)



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