moving forward

the start of a new project: studying mycelium 
not on my own but with a -up till now- small group of like-minded artists
I made this image of my bare feet on a tree trunk to mark the beginning of this new phase in my life

the wood will slowly rot and become of the earth again,
in part, or maybe completely, thanks to fungi

fungi are amazing!
am reading Merlin Sheldrake's 'Entangled LifeHow Fungi Make Our Worlds, Change Our Minds & Shape Our Futures'
every paragraph, almost every sentence I've read so far is chock-a-block with exciting information and facts about fungi.....this makes for s l o w  reading

I'm experimenting with growing fungi scraped from a wall in my parental home, no images yet, something to look forward to and I've ordered a starter-kit for growing edible mushrooms

below a new piece I feel is related to regeneration:

 the wooden paint box once belonged to the children and as they no longer have any use for it, I thought I would appropriate it for Her 

She feels like an Earth Mother

I used Idol Number 1 and stitched on the face Dee sent me eons ago, the red silk flower hails from Jude (red being my mama's favourite colour) thank you both for these gifts

Number 1 had a face, 

painterly organic legs were lying in wait

a mama shell and then a baby one too

I added the breast Small Pillow

She was born

the box is lined with wall-paper that matches my present earthy mood and I think She looks like She belongs here; a scrap of blue silk from my wedding dress and a heart-shaped leaf found their way into the box as well


Nancy said…
I have a sense of new beginnings. I will watch you as you go :)
Liz A said…
how you listen so carefully to what wants to be
Mo Crow said…
making art is a good way to pick up the pieces & reconfigure your life
deemallon said…
I love the idea of a doll where her components are not connected. And then the box to allow rearranging— perfect.
Saskia said…
Nancy: in a way it's like I've been reborn x
Saskia said…
such a loving comment Liz, I feel the same way about your daily patches, although I have never managed to find the exact phrase to express my sentiments x
Saskia said…
isn't it just Mo x
Saskia said…
like a puzzle that needs figuring out Dee (a bit like life) x
buysse maria said…
dag Saskia de reactie van langer geleden was verloren gegaan door een niet bedoelde klik op het toets bord en toen vond ik de woorden niet meer , effe laten rusten , maar de tijd neemt me soms mee op dwaal tocht . nu ben ik hier terug ,Het atelier krijgt mooie vorderingen en je naar buiten treden met je kunde is mooi om naar te kijken , fijn interview , nog fijner om te zien hoe je evolueert, ik glimlach naar jou
Harte omhelzing bij het heen gaan van je vader
genegen groet
Saskia said…
dag Maria, leuk dat je de video hebt bekeken, als geen ander weet jij hoe t er in t echt uitziet, en ook dat t evolueert
t verlies van onze beide ouders zo snel achter elkaar, hoewel niet onverwacht, doet wat met me....niet te beschrijven maar gezien hun hoge leeftijd is dit ook een mooi & natuurlijk proces, harte groet x



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