strange desire

it has been snowing since Saturday night
Sunday morning we woke up into a white world
It feels like a holiday, staying at home with husband and dog
No visits to papa down South, no tidying-up in our family home
[I've given self a year for that job]
The country's completely on hold because of the snow, funny that.

precious time in the studio
To explore
to use fabric paper wood whatever
Stuff that has been waiting for a Time like this

'strange desire'

this is the first finished cloth piece of 2021 I call it 'Strange Desire'
It's made with an old piece of home-dyed fabric I used to nick-name The Fox, which has been pinned to several walls now, moving as I move things around, like I do

I cannot remember quite when I thought it would make a perfect pillow, something to hold on to, now that many of us are suffering from 'HuidHonger' i.e. 'SkinHunger' due to Covid-related-lockdown-limited-contact-restrictions.....AHHRRG

it seemed appropriate to make an object to TOUCH and HOLD

Right, so I had a beginning, but what about the other side?
I started off by choosing the wrong fabric, of course I did, but I need to be stitching for a while to get that it's nót going to work.
Rummaging thru miscellaneous bits of fabric I found this old scrap of cotton I'd used as an oil paint rag, yes! I ironed it flat, oh and then it was a perfect match for the fox,
not quite knowing why at that moment, still not sure how to put into words that it simply FELT right, maybe because it was also stained by me, or something along those lines....
Both have a sensuous quality too, that helps I suppose

a few weeks ago I was interviewed in my studio by Gabri Wijnakker, by way of introduction to a new Art & Culture Collective in my neck of the woods; it's in Dutch, but you get a glimpse of me in my studio

may you find joy in the smallest crack and see the light shine through


Mo Crow said…
loved seeing your beautiful studio space and hearing you talking and painting in your video!
Nancy said…
Oooh Sasx! How wonderful to see your snowy scene, the 'eyes' of the fox and the video of you in your element. Of course it mattered not thst I couldn't understand a word of it! Just to see you speaking your thoughts, sharing The Dwelling and the shots of the land - all put a tear in my eye. Congrats on the Art & Culture Collective my friend!!
Marti said…
I keep coming back to see your Strange Desire: it has been ages since I was out and about in the land so to see this cloth piece is to feel the pulse of wanting to touch the outdoors. Saskia, your first cloth of 2021 feels so organic; the one side with the earth toned elements, feels like hugging the land, the other side with the blues, greens, purples, fluid like swirling my hands in a river or the sea...grounding, calming - hugs do that.

For some unknown reason, I was not able to watch your video but happy to know that you are a part of the Art & Culture Collective
Liz A said…
how the first landscape image of water and ice echoes the form of "strange desire"

and how wonderful to hear your gentle voice, to see you in your element, especially the overhead shot in your studio ... and the land, always the land
Marti said…
Decided to go to Youtube and type in your name Saskia and voila! I was able to see your video. Great joy to see you in your lovely sweater, to see your studio, your land, your wonderful cloth art, the wondrous and imaginative Dwelling, hear your voice...loved your laugh and how you so easily and fluidly paint. A sign should be posted on the road to your home, saying "This way to an Amazing studio, for it is an Art and Culture Collective."
Saskia said…
it's my 'very happy space' Mo, the video offers me an opportunity to share it with others all around the globe
Saskia said…
so much happening here Nancy, re the video: you get a good impression of the feeling of the space, images speak louder than words;-)
Saskia said…
wow Marti, you have sensed so much about Strange Desire that I hadn't even realised was there, you mention the Elements, I'm honoured and delighted as that adds more depth to the piece
Saskia said…
that first landscape image does indeed mirror Strange Desire Liz, on a subconscious level the surrounding landscape continues to influence and inspire me, a bit like how you are inspired by world events & the coming-and-going of your family and local news in your fabric journal
Saskia said…
gosh Marti, I'm glowing now ánd very glad you were able to venture into my studio
the Interview is such a gift...the whole of your work space...i have
come back several times just to be there
Saskia said…
a gift to me too
there are days i wish you could really be here



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