'Some stars are large and some are small, And some are quite invisiball'*

Of all the quiet moments they could have chosen this past year, the critters decided last week was a good one to redecorate, repaint and even remodel entire rooms in The Dwelling! I understood why they felt the need for a collapsible Festivity-Floor with Party-Table to accommodate their numerous Christmas Dinner guests. It would also be a perfect space for their Christmas tree seeing as a box of very pretty Christmas baubles had arrived two weeks previously, but why they should then continue to change a couple of other rooms is beyond me.....

* I have not read this book but came across this quote in a newspaper article today, thinking it rather appropriate for my post. It's from Freddy and the Men from Mars by Walter R. Brooks.

Down below, opposite Mr.Mole, they have created a White Space for Mr.White; he felt straight at home, especially when Whitey bear dropped by for a visit, as did two small white birds and a hairy shell.

oh, Harlequin pattern flooring and checkered table top, wouldn't mind those in my own house

Dino twins enjoying the view from the top floor, where just below Gorilla Drumstix is having a noisy blast with the twins; they have reassured me they are practicing for the festivities.

You know something's right when Rainbows appear in your house, shining a light not only in OBK's enlarged changing room, but also the loo and broom closet. I have to admit to liking the Starry Skies very much. Hey, I just spotted the fierce Gorilla fooling around with OBK's shawls, oh well I suppose he's not doing anyone any harm. 

The White Cloud, in which I've used some of Mo's lace. Sometime during her last year my mama woke up after having had a lovely dream, as she later explained to us: 'I dreamed I was high up in the clouds where I happened to meet some very interesting people. They live on Clouds 11A and 11C. As Cloud 11B is still vacant I asked if I could move in as soon as I was dead too. They told me that would be quite okay.' Upon waking she had forgotten who they were, but she did remember wanting to move there after her death. This is the story we now share. I can always look up and check out if there is a cloud whenever I want to say 'hi mum'.

Mother Duck checking out her sleeping arrangements together with DutchBoy 
'You're entirely sure we are safe up here?' she asks.
'Of course you are, you're birds aren't you? You used to heights and flying,' he replies.
'Well then, this will be fine' she clucks. 'Mine mine mine' the triplets chime, as they follow her and hop onto the big bed.
'Will he be sleeping here too?' as she nods to the dinosaur holding a bat between his sharp teeth.
DutchBoy: 'Yes he will, if that's okay with you?' 
'I'm sure it will be as I trust you' she replies.
'What about the hippo in the bath?' DutchBoy asks, just to be sure she hasn't missed him....
Without batting an eyelid, she chuckles 'Oh, old Hippo and me go a long way back, don't we Hippo.....?'
'Aye, that we do' is his dry reply, leaving DutchBoy with much to ponder.

Meanwhile in the PillowStudio they are extremely busy making pillows for all the house guests, as you can well imagine. Pigeon is learning a thing or two on the sewing machine with Kitty (whom you can't see as she is hidden by the sewing machine) and Polly helping him along. MotherDoll makes sure there's always a pot of fresh tea, thus ensuring spirits and morale are kept high. 

OBK hastily leaving his bedroom to join in the welcoming of the latest arrivals. He's wearing yet another new outfit: a silk cape lined with the same velvet as his robe. Note the MagicButton I found in one of many small boxes containing an assortment of buttons my mama collected for her knitting (another story). He's happy, I'm happy, we are all happy.

A teeny tiny Christmas angel blowing his trumpet, saluting the newcomers.

The flow of visitors and food supplies never seems to stop. They must travel over a precarious road, after having entered through the window, where a green light shines, beckoning them all in the right direction.

A truckload of dreams, well of course!

Many thanks to all of you who have in one form or another contributed to The Dwelling and its many inhabitants, we are very grateful.

Here's just a few of The Dwellers enjoying their tea, almost too busy to wave Goodbye and wish you All 
a very merry and we hope not too lonely Christmas 

 see you here soon


ravenandsparrow said…
Best wishes for a magical holiday and an enthusiastic New Year to all the inhabitants of the Dwelling and the larger members of their family!
Mo Crow said…
Saskia, your family both furred and unfurred and all the beings who have found refuge in The Dwelling, the Silly Season is here, have a good one!
Nancy said…
Saskia~ Your Dwelling posts warm me to my bones. Each photo a million stories, a "Where's Waldo?" and an "I Spy" all in one!
Blessings to you dear friend.
Marti said…
Glad Tidings we bring to you and your kin, glad tidings to all who dwell in the Dwelling and to you Saskia. How joyful to see the Dwellers busy with festivities, welcoming new friends...sharing in the magic of the season. Your telling of this time is such a special joy.

I watch a lot of public television here in New Mexico and when they put on their fund raisers because while they receive some grants, they are also member supported, one of their ads speaks of those "who have never lost our sense of wonder." You are one of those special people Saskia and you share your wonder in so many amazing and connecting ways with all of us. May you and yours enjoy a peaceful holiday and may you see clouds now and then for your Mama is always with you. In the language of my family, Feliz Navidad (Spanish), Merry Christmas.
Liz A said…
may your days continue in this quiet, joy-full way ... and may there ever be gentle clouds in your sky
Astounding! All! so full of Wonders.
Love and Love,
deemallon said…
So utterly charming! The cloud story was my favorite!
Saskia said…
wishing you a touch of magic too Dana!

silly is certainly the mood in The Dwelling Mo, they send their silliest wishes down under;-)

good to know they cheer you up Nancy, blessings to you

God Jyl (Danish) to you and yours Marti

Liz, I was walking the other day with a crescent moon shining down on my back, lighting the path for me and Django, when all of a sudden there was even more light, I looked back up and there was a cloud reflecting the moon light: 'hi mum' I said.....

they always manage to surprise me Grace

she was such a storyteller Dee!



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