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Thoughts on The Apron

A woman’s work is never done

how to dress and thus become the perfect housewife

Domesticity * domesticated * from Latin domus:  home house household nest labyrinth family motherland

What the apron has to offer:


Whilst cooking, feeding, taking care

A lined apron, to be quilted…..such dedication, so much work for such a humble item of clothing

I could hide a message within the lining; I have done so.

I will wear it till it’s worn, till it becomes threadbare


done so far:

- the front: hand-sewn the patchwork, machine stitched front to back, hand-quilted part of it

- the back: the unfaded reverse side of an old table cloth plus the reverse side of a completely new piece of fabric, received just a week ago from Catherina

Still to do: finish the quilting, make & attach apron strings

The thin Allotment quilt is perfect on our bed as the duvet is not quite warm enough for Autumn nights, but an extra warmer quilt would be too heavy and hot for now

Scrumptious linens from Catharina; there were some chintzy samples less to my taste, however the reverse of one did turn out to be the perfect piece for the back of The Apron… you never know what can become useful

Colourful cloth folded over new doors to The Dwelling

An apron to match hers


Trying out how to make a book with my own printer


Mo Crow said…
love seeing your studio & WIPs!
deemallon said…
Can’t even put into words how much I love that apron. Or even, that first PHOTO of the apron!
Angie said…
That apron is beyond wonderful! Such a fun, purposeful project. Love the peeks into your studio.
Everything!...but mostly, the BOOK
Nancy said…

Photos #1&2: How the colors and fabric dance together and sing of home
Photos #3&4: the little fence fabric
"house proud"
Really like the blue crown cloth
Your bed looks so comfy :)
What a perfectly pointer posed pup!! (((smile)))
Your studio is a wonder of organization, good tools and materials and inspiration!
...AND A BOOK!!!!! Yay!!!! I will sit quietly to await for more goodness~!!
I'm so glad you posted to share what has been happening in your world. I've been thinking about you and wondering how your folks are doing.
Be well my friend xo
Saskia said…
love being in my studio Mo, as I imagine you love being in yours!

I thought a lot about you in the making Dee, an avid apron-wearer like myself; I realise MUST add a pocket!

hi Angie, I don't think we've met before....welcome into my studio and thank you so much for leaving a comment; it is fun to make a use of my fabric

ah yes, the book sure you will be one of the first to read....
as will you Nancy;-)
Liz A said…
your posts are always so deliciously full ...

I love that your fabrics look so soft to the touch and the eye ... your studio is a wonder ... and yes, a book!
buysse maria said…
Hey Sakia , Till it becomes " threadbare " the most beautiful words " in respect " for the cloth , love it ,ik omhels je
Saskia said…
well Liz if truth be told, they are so full because I've become pretty laid-back when it comes to regular posting, so it's good to know you enjoy them like that;-)

there is poetry in the wearing Maria
Joy Banks said…
Loved all these pictures! On a computer they can be right-clicked and opened to giant size... thank you for this feature.. the textures and stitches bigger than life.. The apron, so fine... your studio, divine..
Saskia said…
hi there Joy, thank you for your very kind words.....I didn't know about this right-click-feature, maybe it has been added by google recently....good to know!



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