time seems to be slowing down

A snail in the hollyhock, I am amazed it’s still out here as we are experiencing a heat wave. It's heavy weather and I'm not up to much......I do like it because it feels like Summer has finally arrived, much like corona-time it means we have to slow down and then have time to notice small things, like cracked earth, yellowing grasses, swallows flying low as a thunder storm gathers, or how, whilst lying on my back in the river, my body rises as I inhale air and slowly sinks as I exhale, or do stuff otherwise impossible

like solar dyeing:

in one pot several cotton bundles stuffed with fallen hibiscus flowers, the other one contains several with either used Earl Grey or turmeric tea bags 

Ha, me smiling as I'm wrapped up in the Allotment quilt; the selfie photo taken with my phone (my only camera in fact) makes me look younger, i.e. no wrinkles and my face is thinner, ah well, suppose we like a better version of ourselves, or whatever......

but the Allotment quilt is done! complete, finished, except I want to sew a couple more rows up and down & some more from left to right; there are two layers, making it light and airy, perfect as a blanket for the sweltering nights


Tomorrow I’ll be visiting my parents for a couple of days, together with my sister and brother, the five of us a family unit


The snail in hollyhock...will email you
Nancy said…
Hollyhocks, a favorite. The quilt is wonderful, just right. I'm actually quite fond of any version of you!
Sending heartfelt love as you spend time with your family. xo
Liz A said…
the need for slow ... time to take things in and hold them close ...

my thoughts will be with you and yours ... love love
Dana said…
The quilt is so beautiful...congratulations on its near completion! Slow and small are the words of the moment for me too. Best wishes to your family for your time together.
Mo Crow said…
love seeing you and your beautiful allotment quilt
Patty said…
Oh yes, a summer quilt is all I need for hot weather. Yours is
beautiful. Am sending love to you and your family.
jude said…
a big cloth is indeed a human wrapping cloth
Saskia said…
have emailed you photo Grace

hollyhocks are top of my list too Nancy, along with nasturtiums, lavender and roses

life in the slow lane Liz, maybe it's an age-thingy

....still not quite finished Dana


who knew I would ever make a Summer quilt Patty

I love how it is useful Jude



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