brief glimpses

quite a lot has happened since I last posted, then again, maybe not
went bramble picking for this morning's breakfast last evening
a crepuscular hike together with Django


'all I got was this leaf print'
spent an enjoyable Saturday afternoon in a nearby Heemtuin i.e. indigenous plant garden; first we had a tour with Paul Hoftijzer, who explained he knows almost all the edible indigenous plants and helped us identify them; his cooking website's Dutch but he has an English one of his artwork, link here 
We ended up making eco-prints on paper, using plant based inks mixed with either rice paste or linseed oil, following friendly instructions from artist Ingrid Geesink.
I met new people and made new contacts with (local) artists, who knows where this could go?

the day ended with spectacular skies


squeezed in a couple of days away with the husband, visiting my sister and her husband who had rented a holiday home in  Zeeland, close to the North Sea coast; we visited Oostkapelle, Domburg, Middelburg and Yerseke and managed stroll along the beach, keeping a safe distance from other tourists


21 July finished this necklace, planning to make more like this for the pendants, although I find myself not actually making much these days. This particular one was a present for a Danish cousin; we saw each other at my parents' place two weeks ago. I'm spending a lot of time with my folks. Mum is still hanging in there. Despite having chosen the euthanasia-route about a month ago, letting go is not easy for her. Family and friends continue to visit to say 'goodbye' 

on the same day this bug moved into The Dwelling and found a safe spot on OBK's lap


we had house guests: two Springer Spaniels Tommy and Springer, both very active; I made several ink drawings of Tommy pretending to sleep

just finished and thoroughly enjoyed Claire Tomalin's A life of my own, a fascinating, absorbing autobiography; a book I bought on a whim during our holiday two years ago in Yorkshire. Our eldest recommended Dirk Gently's holistic detective agency on Netflix, guessing I would like it: he was right, from the start I was hooked, it is a great distraction 

I suppose there was more, but half my brain is off-kilter
last but not least, a short video of young wrens chirping for food, a nest box on our porch!
this was 15 July


Nancy said…
What times you've had! Those baby them with their yelling for food! I just read an essay about a springer spaniel!
It's so, so good to see you here. I've been thinking and thinking about you. xo
Liz A said…
your mom ... I sigh with the deep remembering of my mom's leave-taking ... peace be with you, however that may be
Marti said…
Love to you Saskia and your Mother and family. This time with your Mother, a bittersweet time, I know it well. Forty years ago my Mother died, when I was 33. She had advanced cancer and was sent home from the hospital to die in her home. In those days, we did not have hospice so I, my cousin who was a nurse, and many of my Mother's friends came to help us care for her in her last days. I left my husband and my little girls for seven weeks, going home on the weekend to be with them. My Dad had died two years before in a hospital,

Every day during those seven weeks, friends would come to our home to say their goodbyes, bringing food, flowers, laughter and music for my Mother loved to dance and even got up a few times to do so with me, before it got to be too much for her. Those weeks were some of the hardest in my life and also, looking back, some of my most cherished memories. May it be so for you as you move through this time of celebrating your Mother and her passage to come.
Saskia said…
aren't they the cutest Nancy, we think there's a blue tit nesting in another nest-basket dangling from the porch, a second go perhaps? our house isn't named The BirdHouse for nothing;-)

thx Liz, I sigh with you; a friend dropped by for a swim in the river this morning (we are experiencing a heatwave over here) she lost her mother almost a year ago, she mentioned how 'umbilically' connected we seem to remain to our mums until they die, I suddenly realised how true that is

thank you for sharing this memory Marti, your parents died is indeed a hard & bittersweet time.....we three children are beginning to feel worn down by it all, that is the way it is
jude said…
remembering mom, it all comes back with some sort of unnameable weight.
birds are medicine.
Saskia said…
they sure are Jude, soul-balm;-)



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