mask making

a truly excellent video for face-mask making, not something I would have thought I'd be recommending two weeks ago
"the times they are a-changin'"

3 down 7 more to go
I do not have to explain about the shortage, so I won't

sewing these on the Singer. I'm making these face masks for the care-givers who are looking after our parents down South....we are not living in lock-down, yet! but we are advised to travel as little as possible. I have just got my two boys back home and do not intend to leave them.
Everyone has his or her story of woe these days.

I do find solace and joy in many things; the house sparrow in me is content to be at home. Fortunately we both work from home, although the tidying-up part of my small business has come to a complete standstill. Our daily routine therefore is much the same as usual....apart from having the boys back.

Our eldest managed to get back from Kenya, just in time as it turns out. We picked him up at the airport Sunday evening. He has been living in a tiny village in the Maasai Mara for the past six weeks and had intended to stay on there till June, doing research, fieldwork and writing his thesis. We had plans to visit him. All postponed, although he will be able to finish his BSc here.
Our youngest son decided today he too wants to return to the fold and continue his internship long-distance, preferring our company to empty student digs. He lives in Noord-Brabant, the region first affected by Covid-19, and as he had a cold he had to self-isolate for over a week after which he had hopes of returning to work.
By then everything had changed. The entire country was starting to realise the enormity of what was actually happening and we are constantly readjusting to the new reality.

a so-called Shuka, traditional Maasai clothing
He brought two back home

my yoga mate, unperturbed as ever

Spring and sunshine, bright blue skies, flowers and green shoots

I wish you all the ability to find joy in the tiniest of things

 I am grateful to not only have friends in the physical world, but also to be part of a small virtual community; these days especially being able to communicate online is comforting and meaningful


Dana said…
How lucky to have your sons back home! Ours are only an hour and a half away, but right now it might as well be a thousand miles. Thank you for the flowers...spring is always a blessing.
Saskia said…
so sad for you Dana, we are lucky and we know it! our evening routine completely disrupted....husband is still preparing dinner....we'll be eating late, but it will be the four of us together xx
Nancy said…
Yay!!! You've got me singing "The boys are bac in town..." by Thin Lizzy 😍
Spring is the time to feel alive and grateful! xo
Liz A said…
to have your boys with you ... I am so glad ... and the cloth from Africa is beauteous!

thank you for the video ... it made me feel I might be able
deemallon said…
So glad to yes have these connections here and how long-standing and meaningful they are. So happy for the boys’ safe returns, especially from Kenya. I’ll admit to being jealous. The house would be impossibly full with both boys here, but it is hard not to have eyes on them — both are considered essential workers and therefore have some risk of exposure. And yes to joy. It’s here. Even now.
Saskia said…
now I'm humming too Nancy;-) is such a great way to express and deal with emotions xx stay safe and well

not a pink I would have chosen Liz, but now that it's here I love it, it brightens up our life in so many ways.....the video is simply the best for me, I loved her calm matter-of-fact voice and manner, soothing in the midst of turmoil xx stay safe and well

'essential workers' you must be so proud Dee (I would be) I get great comfort from knowing two young men, roughly the same age as your and our boys, who have contracted Covid-19, been quite ill and have fully recovered! the optimist in me always looks forward, especially after the burn-out, having decided to look out for joy and what I can give others in that respect xx stay safe and well
Saskia said…
Michelle: 'Something so calm in your telling and the beauty you share is felt with deep gratitude. If it works, I'll share the mask making video on my FB page. Another blogger is making masks too. Worthy efforts.'
haha, your comment ended up in an older post, so I've re-posted it here Michelle; now that the boys are safe, relatively speaking, I feel calm! xx stay safe and well, and indoors! the news from NYC is disconcerting and alarming
Marti said…
Everything about this post just brightens my day Saskia but especially the fact that you and husband will sit down and have dinner with your boys, safe at home. Our daughters, son in law and grandchildren live in San Francisco, CA, one of the hardest hit places for the virus next to New York. We talk on the phone, email, the grand kids snail mail drawings but to be able to hug them, sit with them and cuddle up with books- well that will have to wait...I was going to spend a month with them in June but the trip has been cancelled.

Stay safe all of you and thank you for your inspiring example of how to just do what is needed and face each day.
Saskia said…
Marti, these are incredibly weird times for all of us here on earth. We are grateful the boys are well, I am grateful to hear from you and all the women in our virtual community, to hear from friends and family, close by and far away....this covid-19-film IS real and still there are moments it's completely gone from my mind.
I sincerely hope your relatives stay and are safe, that you



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