'Hear, hear! All rise for The Right Honourable OldBirdKing.'

The murmurs stop and everyone present rises, some sit down again. They all listen. 
What have we here?

A crisis meeting has been convened in The Dwelling due to the worldwide corona-virus outbreak. 

OBK speaks:

 'Dear friends, family, beings great & small, welcome to our extra special meeting. As we all know the entire planet is in turmoil. The human race is in danger, a tiny virus Covid-19 is on the loose. Animals are not affected and we are not at risk.'

The tiny critters heave a sigh of relief.

 'However, human beings are! Strict measures have been taken by governments all around the world. People are self-isolating. This does not mean there aren't any folks out in the streets or working, there are. Care-takers, doctors, nurses, police, delivery personnel, shop assistants et cetera have to move about. In order for them and the people they look after to be safe they need face-masks.'

A lot of nodding.

 'It has come to my attention Saskia's elderly parents are being looked after by a group of care-takers. As they live Down South and travel is extremely limited, she nor her siblings can travel anymore. She has offered to make masks for these care-takers. I see she's under stress to get them done on time. Here's what we are going to do.'

Malle is taking notes.

'Sally and Kitty will be in charge of the mask-making activities in the Sewing Studio. They will be directing the helpers. Several musicians will entertain them with joyful tunes. The many small birds will wash and hang the masks out to dry. Lion will be in charge of those sealing and packing the masks. He will also be responsible for the delivery of the package to the Post Office. The Large Elephant will accompany Lion on this trip.'

'Saskia is worried the masks will not be large enough. I say to her: trust in the magic.'

They all started clapping.

OBK added: 

 'I say to you all, here in The Dwelling and out there in the world: take care of each other, look after yourself and those close to you. If you can, help others. Remember, in these weird times, staying away is kinder and more loving than being close. Bless you all, namastĂ©.'

They all rise and bustle out. They all know what has to be done.

Overnight the magic happens, the tiny face-masks are human size:

10 face-masks ready to be sent off



Liz A said…
Well and lovingly done ... three cheers!
Mo Crow said…
such good magic
deemallon said…
So much joy in what you do and how you see!
Dana said…
Thank you to all in the Dwelling and in the world who are helpers. To paraphrase Fred Rogers: "In times of trouble, when you are afraid, look for the helpers and you will feel better."
Nancy said…
Hear, hear! Three cheers to OBK and his merry band of mask makers! Saskia you provide joy at every turn! Big Love to you and all there with you at the Dwelling. xo
Saskia said…
hi there lovely ladies, The Dwellers salute you and send a BIG thank you for your emotional support and kind comments! Hang on in there, stay safe and well xXx



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