March Meet the Maker, with video updates!

Just one of the surfaces I work on in my studio, the worktop facing South.
So much of what I'm about is visible here: book making, ink drawings, fabric, birds, hares, small critters, bits & bobs from The Dwelling.

I noticed so many hash-tagging #marchmeetthemaker on Instagram and said to myself: let's join in the fun!

I therefore invite you all to come and visit my Open Studio this weekend:
Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 March from 13-17hrs
Spijkse Kweldijk 30, 4161 BP Heukelum


Dana said…
Good luck with your open house. I'm waiting for teleportation to be real.
Saskia said…
hahaha Dana, thanks. I for one had hoped teleportation would have been realized by now.....I watched Star Trek avidly and assumed that wás my future;-)
Nancy said…
Saskia, How fun! Please do a virtual open studio tour too! Love how your spirit shines through!
Saskia said…
great suggestion Nancy, I will make a video tour! after the clean-up;-)
Patty said…
I love to an see artist's work table/space. Thank you for this!
Marti said…
Well I'm imagining that I am going and have brought flowers and a bottle of sparkling cider to toast your studio open house. Would have made it an alcoholic bubbly but then I didn't want the OBK to think I wasn't serious...and then I went to your Instagram and saw that you have made a pie for us so I think the sparkling cider will go well.

Saskia, it is a joy to see all of your endeavors and how you keep on expanding and exploring and taking us along as we come into your virtual gallery. Thanks for the invitation.
Saskia said…
me too Patty! I'm always interested to see how others manage their art & craft...will you share your work space?

oh Marti, flowers, cider & cake! lovely and the sharing of food & drinks is what we folks like to do, right! Reminds me I should bring in a Spring bloom into the studio. Not to worry about OBK's thoughts, he's basically not a judgmental being, ha.
Marti said…
Ta Da, thank you for the video tour Saskia. Starry Starry nights and how magical the stars in the dwelling. as was the magical moment when you turned on the light.

So many items in your work space, tools and things but what I loved the most was your cloth wall. Then you appeared and it was so good to see you and of course you brought spring in with the flowering branches...a lovely and most special grand tour, thank you.
Saskia said…
tralee! Marti, lovely to hear from you and know you have seen the tour....I love sharing what I do and make. I also love hearing what you think of it all. Namasté xx

Despite the setbacks this particular weekend, world events such as they are, I have managed to sell several drawings, one in person, as well as four online 'cos the latter is still safe;-)
Making it even more worth my while and my open-studio-weekend isn't over yet
Nancy said…
Oh, I just love these videos! Everything looks wonderful, including you! Thank you for sharing your space this way! xo
Saskia said…
it won't remain this tidy Nancy, back to work tomorrow:-)
had quite a few visitors today, we were careful! and sold lots more, so I am happy, relieved and optimistic about my future as a self-employed artist/tidyup coach.



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