empty nest

the day I dreaded, as a mother
looked forward to, for his sake

youngest son moved into his own student digs yesterday
eldest moved out several years ago, still visits
husband is shooting with friends in the UK, it had to be this week....

so I was well and truly home alone!
I vacuumed and dusted the house, tidied-up the mess....went for a walk with Django, several in fact, cried a couple of times, cooked a hot meal for self, went to bed early, slept surprisingly well

woke up refreshed and looking forward to the new day

yippie, my box with business cards, note pads and 2 mugs with my own logo arrived today
I am delighted with the results.
Designed by youngest son, StarBird inspired

at least I have excellent company 


deemallon said…
It really is something to get used to - their absences. With one in California and one in Colorado I still sometimes can’t believe how far away they are. Good thing for dogs, right?
Saskia said…
yes dogs are essential (in so many ways)
our boys are only an hour's drive away.....for now at least, but that's not really the point is it
Almost feel as if I have to reinvent self, good thing I have the new business
Patty said…
Reinventing is good. And yes, good thing we have dogs.
Nancy said…
I have so many thoughts on this life event. How lovely that you have the newness of birthing your business and a loyal pup to help you during this time. xo
Liz A said…
that mug ... surely it will make you smile every time you use it!!

love that your youngest did your design work ... the bird-on-bird logo is especially good ... and reminds me in the best way of your stacked-critter ink drawings
Saskia said…
speaking from experience Patty? dogs are a cure-all;-)

Django's the best, and it is exactly that Nancy: a life event

it definitely does Liz! hadn't thought about the bird-on-bird as echoing the drawings....but you are absolutely spot on



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