lots going on here

the start of a small table cloth

there are so many gifted bits and pieces here, as well as old duvet covers and curtains from back home
for me this is like a world: with skies above and the ocean below, the seasons and rivers running through, insects crawling, moons rising, plants growing

all of a sudden I felt the urge to start another quilt, not a large one and not quite a quilt; rather a cloth-collage usable as a small table cloth: lots of colourful patches and strips sewn together, basted onto a piece of quality off-white cotton;
the basting process is in it's early stages, after the initial beginning in the middle with the largest embroidery hoop I possess, kantha-stitching more or less straight lines back and forth, I decided to go with lots of (different sized) circles for a change which, I hope, will add interest to the white side and surprise me on the colourful side 

paper continues to beckon, ink drawings come to life, almost like a force of nature.......
strange how I had forgotten how much I love making them....I must find my old ones, the ones I started making in high school
'yoga dog stretching' 

'OBK holding on for dear life'
 whilst my dad and I were tidying up his study we found a stack of these unused menu's and invitations to my parents' Silver Wedding Anniversary in 1986; rather than waste the high quality paper I wanted to give it a second chance, so I have torn them along the middle fold, if you get what I mean and am using them for more ink drawings, size now appr. 14 x 19 cm

'dog meditating whilst ignoring tweeting bird'

'tail nesting'

'dizzy eyed dog'


'downward dog'
inspired by our dog Django, who joins me during my morning yoga sessions

experimenting with customizing phone covers, I do like it, though it's not cheap in small numbers....we'll see    
 my so called 'Dee House' Small Cloth, starting with the triangle snippet of a roof (itself  from one of my mother's skirts) adding on bits of cloth to match I found self making a house just like I imagine Dee makes them.....
I plan to add an image of the finished piece later on, as I have not yet taken a photo of it done and am not at home now, but working on my laptop in a café together with other one-woman-business-entrepreneurs I have gotten to know; it's nice to sit and talk a bit whilst typing

another big change in my life: I have just now joined the local library for the first time in years for this is a multi-functional building and seeing as I will be here regularly it will be much easier to combine activities such as returning books on time;-)

bye for now


Mo Crow said…
your drawings are a delight!
Saskia said…
thx Mo, how are you holding up?
Mo Crow said…
(((Saskia))) it's raining at last!
deemallon said…
I am so so in love with your water colored animals.
Patty said…
Pen and ink love them!
Saskia said…
I will continue drawing Grace, no worries there
water from the skies Mo! yay!
me too Dee, if I'm honest, my head's spinning with all the ideas....focus focus focus I say to self, which has been and still is difficult with our youngest son having flown the coop today....I feel sad they've both left albeit happy for them making their own way in the world (of course!)
smiling back at you Maria, een grote glimlach:))
thanks Patty, it seems I have found my medium
Liz A said…
your patchplay is delight-full ... as are your ink drawings ... can't help wondering which comes first, the line or the wash???
Saskia said…
hello Liz, line & wash kind of happen at the same time, which sounds impossible I know, but I sometimes start with broad brushstrokes, add a line or two, more washing/painting and then more lines....and so on



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