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Happy New Year Everyone! 

I had meant to show you photo's of the New Year's and Christmas celebrations in The Dwelling, if only someone (no, I am not going to name names) had not forgotten to take them.......I was off celebrating with family Down South on the 24th and with friends in Gorinchem the 31st, so I wasn't here to do the honours, and now there is nothing to share here on the blog; disappointing as that may be, I do however have something else to share, a couple of my latest ink-wash drawings, lots of dogs and birds you see:





'traveling & resting'

they're all made with EAST-INDIAN INK ON ACID FREE PAPER 300G, measuring  CA 20 X 29 CM - the paper that is, which is white is snow, although it has turned out rather grey in the images here

(if you're interested in buying you can find more details on my site, here)


deemallon said…
Every time I see one of these drawings on Instagram my heart burps with joy. At the risk of inserting myself where I don’t belong, I want to say: you HAVE to get these into a book!! They are so YOU and so full of story and character and they need to be out in the world! (She said).
Saskia said…
wow thank you Dee, I would love for them to be in a book...of sorts, with a story or two I think.....
Saskia said…
....and Dee, your comment made me soooooooo happy! thrilled too to imagine you burping for joy
Ms. said…
Yes...a book. I may not be burping, but broadly smiling. They are so expressive and delightful.
Nancy said…
The simplicity of these lil stacked figures is just so darn delightful. They absolutely fill me! Yes...a book and some gift cards too :)
Dana said…
Your drawings are just enchanting. Yes to a book, yes to cards, yes to any application you can imagine. The world needs more dogs and birds like these.
Mo Crow said…
(((Saskia))) these are a delight, put me on your list for a signed copy of the book!
Liz A said…
okay, yes to a book ... but cards ... I would love these as note card sets!!
Saskia said…
smiling is good enough for me Michelle;-)
aha, Nancy, gift cards, yes I was thinking along those must be reading my thoughts
oh Dana, does it really? I want to bring joy (with all that's going on)
you are on that list Mo!
okay Liz....all I have to do is get a publisher on my side
Patty said…
Love, love, love these drawings!



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