Today I wanted to share my latest cloth exploits (and some slightly older ones to boot), however as I cannot detect my most recent photo's which are on my phone, whilst blogging on my laptop, it's as if they haven't been synchronized - whatever that means, really - modern times ugh! I decided to share what is available.....with the added bonus of making a post which isn't too long.
So, I am showing you my first batch of clay brooches.
They are for sale, although I'm still making up my mind about prices, any suggestions?


Mo Crow said…
(((Saskia))) these are beautiful, make a price that you feel happy to set them free with!
Love them...their joyful energy...
It's been so long since I've been anywhere that art like this is offered...what about that artists there? And what I finally came to in pricing the Cloths I make is to ask what I would be happy to buy it for if it were someone else's work.
Am so happy to see
Patty said…
I would hold the jewelry piece in one hand then imagine what I
would be happy with (money, barter) in the other. It's very hard
to price our own work. They are so nice!
Nancy said…
SasX~ These are super cool! At first I thought you'd gone walking and dug up some "artifacts"!! I'm the worst to know how to price art, but I can name things and perhaps that is the name of this jewelry line of yours - artifacts :) xo
Joy said…
These are so pretty!!
Saskia said…
thank you Mo, Grace, Patty, Nancy and Joy for your input and encouragement!

yes that sounds just about right Nancy, not to say perfect!
Liz A said…
I thought I had left a comment, but just discovered that Blogger isn't getting along with my iPhone these days. So, from my laptop perch, I do very much like the image that looks like a pieced backing with vintage cloth appliques ...



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