countless stitches

 So, I think the quilt's done, in the sense that I'm done stitching on this one, for now.....I might add a couple more lines of running stitch to make the patches lay more flat, I'm not too keen on the 'bubbling' of some of them, but I have been sewing on this one for 2 months*, and I am eager to get started on a new one!  
The quilt consists of four layers: the patchwork top layer, a white sheet underneath that one, the batting and on the back a patchwork of larger (off) white fabrics.
I haven't measured it but I guess it's about 150-160 cm square, the width between my hands when I spread my arms, I feel this is a good size for me to work with
I have come to love the entire process, it has been a steep learning curve: apart from the technical aspects, I came to realize I just had to put in the hours, every seemingly boring step miraculously turning into meditative practice:
cutting the squares, ironing the edges flat, laying out compositions, sewing the patches together, sewing the larger patchwork pieces together, laying the patchwork top on the support backing, on top of the batting and making a white back patchwork, basting the layers together, and then the hours stitching back and forth 

Two dear friends and I have been dabbling in clay, one of them owns a studio with an kiln....useful when you want to fire up!
The postcard with meditating girl is from an old friend, we've known each other since we were 8

oh yes, my hair is short again and turning grey, have stopped dyeing


Mo Crow said…
(((Saskia))) a beautiful quilt and what a good haircut!
Liz A said…
Saskia - It's beautiful ... and only 2 months! I'm impressed and inspired. I especially like the soft rusty/rose patches and the mix of white/off white in the sashing. Both add a vintage feel, but then there are those wonderful pops of strong color at the corners. Wonderful!

And I love the way you've embellished your mirror ... likewise love the image within
buysse maria said…
patiens reward, those thousand needle sticks up and down ... magnific
So gratifying...Beauty.
Show us the clay work?
I want to do some this
Kiln here are lucky
Marti said…
Such a soft cozy meadow of a quilt; I say meadow because there are so many patches of floral design to sink into... I can see you sitting outside, maybe on a step, wrapped in this lovely quilt, watching the night come in and as the moon rises, getting up and finding a patch of ground to spread the quilt on, yourself easing back down into this beautiful quilt, as you breath in the quiet beauty and wonder of it and the world around you.

Nancy said…
Saskia~ Wow! I love it! The colors so light and cheery. The patches so orderly and comforting. I'm impressed. I love the mirror and the gal reflected within. You hair looks great, I noticed it right away :)
fanny cousin said…
Love every little square , and the back !
Beautiful and inspiring ?
Patty said…
What a wonder what you can make in only 2 months!
Hazel said…
Saskia, It's beautiful and so soothing to look at, I hope it gives you lots of cozy comfort.
Sue McQ said…
The image in the mirror is lovely! Gray is beautiful. The quilt is amazing. I just want to curl up in it.
Saskia said…
thank you Mo, the grey is growing on me, ha!
thanks to you too Liz, the pinks are madder and avocado dye results, wonder how long they'll last.....
patience is it's own reward, I think the saying goes, 'tis true indeed Maria
some of the clay work is on the mirror frame Grace, but of course I will oblige and show more photo's
a meadow it is, Marti, such a lovely image for me to lean into....and I look forward to those long summer evenings wrapped in the quilt
of course you noticed Nancy, you are one of the most considerate people I know
merci Fanny, inspiring huh?
yes, that took me by surprise as well Patty
oh I'm sure it will Hazel (as it already does)
well Sue, what's holding you back? come on over.....



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