not a lot to say

snow last week

for a while now been thinking about making a life size completely hand sewn quilt; daunting I know, so I kept putting it off;
last week I decided to just start: cutting squares, folding & ironing the squares, making 'compositions', stitching them together.....and then after just one week, it is becoming a reality; not just a one year project, but something that could be on our bed before next Winter. I am having a lot of fun!



Marti said…
Saskia, you don't have to say much because your quilt is telling such a good story and you are bringing us along in the making of this terrific quilt. So special, the way you are mixing prints with naturally dyed pieces...there is something very soothing to me about the colors blue and brown, sky and earth. To sleep under this quilt, will be like sleeping under a canopy of our dear Mother Earth.
Ms. said…
Pictures worth a thousand words. LOVE your new header. Magical. The quilt is really pretty too.
Liz A said…
I, too, have never made a full-size quilt. Please keep showing us your process ... it's inspiring!!
The doing and the images feel Peace Full
Unknown said…
It is going to be warm and wonderful ..
Mo Crow said…
what on earth is the transparent yellow globe with snow on it in the last photo? glass?
Saskia said…
yes Mo, glass....a garden bauble (is that a word?) a present for my 50th birthday
I do hope so Tina, the making is warming
it IS peaceful in the studio Grace, sometimes there is no noise, other times I watch a Netflix series, I'm now enjoying 'Grace & Frankie'
will do Liz!
thanks Michelle, the header is an entrance.....
ha you noticed Marti! of course you did, I am so enjoying piecing the squares and making it work, although I'm not too fussy (or trying not to be) and also keeping it from being too contrived



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