an attitude of gratitude, part 1

a couple of weeks ago a package arrived from the States, courtesy of Nancy! Yay, lots of goodies for the Dwelling: how having to move forces one person to declutter and another to reclutter, hihi
good thing I love rearranging and refurbishing so much......
OldCat is sitting upon a handwoven rug - a Nancy original - admiring the 3 elephants performing their marble-balancing act, whilst a mysterious clay figurine (also made by Nancy) is hiding away to the left of OBK; the green/black glass snail is a gift from Rosie from the UK (he made a fast Brexit, all things considered)
Mr. Snail's wrapping paper

Easter Bunny is at close hand, making sure OBK, his visitors and other fellow Dwellers are kept well nourished and glasses are (re)filled

meanwhile in the garden of delights 2 huge Californian apples to choose from, Easter Bunny need not worry 'bout everyone getting their vitamins today

fancy those two drawn together.....La Belle et la Bête, no insult meant Nancy!

DutchBoy reunited with his clog
a purple heart
bringing love
maybe peace
contentment, at the very least

scattered throughout the Dwelling are clay objects made by me, some more obvious than others
colourful fabrics arriving just in time for me to add to a Summer wrap I'd been stitching together for OBK; as it happens, he loves wearing pink....
 'no, what I said was I don't mind wearing pink, Saskia' OBK corrects me

a Mother Duck followed by her chuckling ducklings, aren't they the cutest, flew all the way from California too, phew, they sure deserve a break
They enter under the talisman I made for Mo's exhibition, 
which I now realize as I'm typing this, you can barely make out in this photo; I had not expected it to come back, but there it was accompanied by treasures from Mo, such as the flowery gauze, a handwritten note, the exhibition's invitation and........ 

.....the the White Star she made, as can just be glimpsed in the image below, in OBK's reception room

as one can easily see, there's a lot of stuff all over, no wonder Nancy's accompanying note got lost, although I'm sure it's Somewhere

 four clay birds, made by me, strutting their stuff for Grace, grateful to Margreet for allowing me to work in her studio and use her kiln!
there's loads more to be grateful for, but that will have to wait till another post......


Patty said…
You created a world!
Mo Crow said…
(((Saskia))) so good to see your beautiful healing talisman hanging out at The Dwelling, I just put your photos and words over on the latest ripples post;
Mo Crow said…
PS oops that dsidn't make a link should have left a gap between the link & namaste
Nancy said…
Saskia~ Pure joy!!! xo
Saskia said…
not on my own, Patty, but thanks anyway;-)

you are a true treasure, Mo

joy generates more joy, Nancy xox
Sue McQ said…
A delightful tour of the wee things.



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