some days it feels like Spring


Dana said…
Yay Spring! We are still having winter (no daffodils or snowdrops yet), but today I heard a bird singing a spring song, so it must be on the way.
Your quilt top is so soft, yet varied. I really like the white sashing and colorful corner squares. Clearly Django appreciates it too.
Liz A said…
Oh my ... your piecing is so simply beautiful ... I can well image how soft it must be to hand and eye alike
Nancy said…
Love the blues and browns!
Ms. said…
Lovely work, lovely images and I love how friendly the quilt looks with a dog at ease upon it.
deemallon said…
Sonsweet to see the dog curled up like a comma on the quilt, which is beautiful by the way!
Saskia said…
well Dana, it sure felt like Spring a week ago, now we have rain and wind and it's been a dull couple of days weather-wise, ideal for staying indoors and stitching.......ha, you noticed my pineapple squares, they are very jolly and I love them, even though they don't quite fit in I really wanted to add them just for the extra colour; I feel I'm moving towards more colour in my life, after a few years of preferring a more muted palette; maybe it's my greying hair I crave reds, oranges and even pink

exactly: a meditation Grace!

it IS soft Liz, I hadn't imagined it would be this soft, and warm! as it lays on my lap while sewing I am comfortably warm

the colours do work well together, Nancy, if I say so myself.....

luckily he wasn't muddy when I found him there! or I would have been upset I have to be honest, on the other hand I am flattered he chose to lie on it;-)

thank you Jude!

a black dog looks very photogenic on just about anything Dee, as you well know
Sue McQ said…
Hi Sweet Saskia
Your quilt is so lovely. And your precious baby is giving it a seal of approval. Hugs and blessings to you.



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