change and a comforting light bulb moment

an excellent read: Julian Barnes' The Only Story, of course tea from the beautiful tea mug, made by a local ceramist Anne - have forgotten her surname - tastes especially good

 my, it has been a while since I last posted, not there isn't lots to tell, there is, but I just couldn't get back into the posting/surfing mode necessary for the without a steady job is without structure and without that I have to reinvent one for myself; I have a pretty good routine to start the day off with: 10 minutes stretching exercises, 15 minutes intense yoga session, then a hearty breakfast, followed by a brisk walk with Django! then it all becomes muddled and ad hoc: the garden needed attention, as did the house and studio! there was a family holiday in Greece, a visit with Danish relatives and all the rest of life, not to mention the setting up of my small tidying-up business, which is still in it's early stages.
The molar implant journey which lasted one-and-a-half-years, has reached it's final stage, as I now have a tooth crown since last Thursday: I am, so to speak, complete once more, although this has not meant I'm completely pain free in the mouth! oh how one suffers.....more on that later 
a bright and cheerful new table cloth, a birthday present as I turned 55 last Saturday, even though each year I say I don't want to celebrate, I find myself doing just that, this time just a small circle of family & friends, made all the more special by Meghan and Harry's Royal Wedding, which I of course watched, I even took some pics of the telly!
tada the kiss


all the outdoor chairs and benches are covered in new pillows, some of the covers even hand-sewn by me, and the east terrace is almost smothered by the potted plants, we reinforced the fence along the east side, and I was then able to construct a plant carrier/porch structure alongside the terrace, plus a raised bed in the lower front garden, it keeps me busy.....
I have just now taken a few photos to show you, but this laptop has become increasingly annoying and uploading takes forever; I most definitely need a new laptop! the boys are helping me choose one as I have no interest in such matters, alas, but I do need one that's for sure. Hopefully I'll be posting soon with images on this subject.

Fortunately I do have something else to present to you

In the studio, a major change has occurred: The Dwelling has moved from the East to the West wall.
It seemed perfectly okay where it was, but I had to be able to reach the wiring which runs at the back of the cupboard The Dwelling was built in (the cupboard was originally built to hide the wiring, as my husband plans to build an office in the garden instead of his shed, and we need to sort out electrics, another story!)

So now that I had decided to move The Dwelling, I could also custom build it, and as OldBirdKing, or OBK was the start of it all and his room the beginning of The Dwelling, it made sense to build a structure around his room, all with reclaimed wood of course:

it's twice as wide so the units can close, and as you can see there's more space on the shelves and even room for more boxes to be added on, if we need them

OBK was very relaxed about it all and slept through most of the noise, moving, refurbishing etc

this morning he inspected our collection of tiny horse chestnuts, I suspect the tree dropped them due to the dry and hot weather, it feels like Summer over here I can tell you
another reason for not blogging is the fact I'm outdoors most of the time in a bikini
the moment of truth, last evening as I was cooking and had had a sip or two of the Sauvignon blanc, it hit me, as in an actual physical opening up of head space, a sense of lightness: yes there's still tooth/gum ache and it comes and goes and maybe it will for the rest of your life, duh, life is suffering, why did I ever imagine I was exempt from that?
I have said it many times but never felt it as acutely as I did then, I wrote it down as it had entered my thoughts, in English - no kidding - and what made it special was that it comforted me, knowing that Buddha had realized this and said it out loud and that 
I am not alone


Ms. said…
You have been super BUSY and accomplished so much!!! It's lovely to visit you and the critters again. Happy belated Birthday (I had my seventy fifth in January) and deep sympathy for the pain of tooth work (I spent decades suffering but now have lovely plastic ones I only take out to wash. No more pain there!.
New York City is warm in the high seventies and it feels okay to me after nearly a month of rain almost every day. though I'm saving for a new A/C unit which will be necessary. My old one died the day after the worst heat wave last year (good timing). I've been in retirement long and spend Mondays with a regular writing group and Wednesdays in meditation with my Zen group ( The days fly by. Sending love. Visit me sometimes at
just am happy to "come over".....and love the new Dwelling space...

OBK's in particular. I used to think suffering had to mean BIG losing a limb or something. But over time have
understood that there are also small sufferings, to lean into them,
and learn.
Love to you....

and also, interestingly, i always see your studio as how my
Hut might be here, not the contents, but the general space of it,
feel of it. I don't know the dimensions of
imagine something of the same space
Liz A said…
I’m always so happy when your blog floats to the top of the Kindred Spirits list ... and life lessons notwithstanding, I wish you and your teeth full wellness sooner rather than later.

And how I love the bits of cloth floating through this post ... a continuing thread
Liz A said…
Ha! Just re-read this and found it to be a bit float-y ...
Unknown said…
Sorry your tooth has given you so much trouble ...
The new dwellings are woohoo the time spent here looking at the pictures. I had started to worry a bit about you so was very happy to see your name pop up. Be well and have a wonderful summer.
Saskia said…
oh wow, it seems silly but it IS so gratifying to get such speedy responses to a post, after more than a month's absence here! so thanks to all of you, now for more personal replies

Michelle, I do visit your blog, though hardly ever comment, will do that more, even if it's just 'hi' , the ((virtual)) connection is a huge comfort!

Grace, yes the new space works really well, folks do get lost, but that also means bumping into Beings they might not otherwise have sought out, so okay then. Have measured the studio: 10.10x15.9 ft (3.4x4.8 metres) on the inside, so does it match?

Mo, it is all very exciting, and sometimes a little bit scary.....

Liz, the floating fabrics are keep me grounded, ha! so not a floaty comment

Tina, ah yes absence can mean 'something's up' so I get you might worry, and although I know saying you shouldn't, doesn't help (whenever my husband tells me not to I roll my eyes and sigh....I know he's right of course, but still) I am telling you: you shouldn't on my behalf; it is sweet though that you did and that you missed my posting, so thank you.

Saskia said…
oh and Grace, leaning into what hurts, that is so BIG, and yes I understand and feel it now, the importance of not turning away!
Julie S said…
Yes to the doors on the individual dwellings, the inhabitants need their privacy and sanctuary from the paparazzi. ! (WE are on the last of five days revolving around a backyard wedding here and after I make the last airport run today, i want to pull a giant door over the entire property. )And yes to the suffering and a merry tablecloth all at the same time. I am so happy when you post but I totally appreciate how much effort it takes to restart the engine once it has been idle..
Patty said…
Love the Dwelling. Made me open my storage box of critters and use
them again as inspiration for drawings.
Saskia said…
Julie: I had not considered their possible need for privacy before you mentioned it; how thoughtless of me! of course they need time alone and to be left off-screen without me reporting on their every move.....thank you for reminding me

Patty, thanks; I dropped by at your place to admire your lovely paintings
Sue McQ said…
Hi Sweet Saskia
Oh, I have enjoyed touring the Little Haven with all your collectibles. So precious. Why is it that the tinyest things in life often give us such huge satisfaction and comfort? Blessings to you and your family.



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