my shadow on Bodmin Moor
I had decided for this week at least to try staying at home, no looking for distractions, no excuses for not being here
being here and trying to figure out what it is that matters, truly matters
a holiday from everything then

my boring life, nothing like what I see on facebook, where we're all doing exciting stuff or else we're sharing what we eat

Sunday friend M dropped by, we went for a walk, talked; I pottered a bit in the garden and the studio, read an Agatha Christie
Monday 2 friends with 2 dogs came to visit, we went for a walk and talked, more of the pottering in garden,  studio
Tuesday drove youngest to the station, went to the dentist, venturing farther than I had wanted to, but still pretty mundane and back home back to the business of pottering, more reading, also lots of staring at skies, insects flitting, toads hopping, birds feeding, the dog lying in the sun and the shade

lying  on the grass, when had I last done that? Django was quite excited and wanted to play, the smell of grass, the warmth of the sun. the skin prickly, sweaty, thoughts drifting

Wednesday a phonecall from a friend closeby, within walking distance if I had time to drop by and welcome home her boyfriend, returning from a cycling tour? yes, I have time; later on a drive to collect son, becoming calm within despite these activities

lots of sketching, collages in several notebooks, catching up on these slow paced activities, how much have I missed these

past year has been so hectic with job-related unknowns, still doubting how to proceed, leaving that in the background as much as possible for now

started sewing again, yoga each morning, enjoying that

4 wooden stamps bought in Eden project shop

testing, have cut off left and right strips, they will become something else

doggy chasing leaves

a day later it seems so mean, not letting the dog ever being able to catch those leaves, am tempted to make a small pillow with doggy and leaves and use the dotted fabric for something else

the light tree I do like like this

Father John Misty, loving all he sings and says, just listen


Mo Crow said…
basking in the warmth of your languid summer holiday with spring only one week away here in the Land Down Under
a perfect week, to me, except maybe to much "away".

am glad you are stitching
Liz A said…
I just left a comment on Dee's blog about "quotidian" ... it fits here, too. And this is why I so prefer blogs to Facebook. What you write here is so much more real and true.
Nancy said…
Sounds like a wonderful week! The doggy pinned on, reminds of DOG, now residing at the Dwelling with y'all :) Amazing what Light does with CLoth!
Fanny said…
Boring ? Really ? A garden , a Big Black Dog , good friends and some stitching ( are you starting small pillows again ? ... looks like heaven !
Hello from the Philosopher , a very good friend ,now completely at home !
Sue McQ said…
I echo Liz A's impression. Truly feel connected more to people on blogs.



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