3 graces

it started off with me picking up acorns, quite absentmindedly on the walks in the nearby woods and once back home looking at them again and noticing how they kind of reminded me of tiny breasts, all very shiny and new; anyway, forgetting them for a bit and then a couple of days later seeing those beautifully rounded fresh green acorns had withered away and become small, brown and not nearly as attractive as before, as if they had, how to put it delicately imploded, deflated - maybe not so delicate then - a bit like how my own body is evolving, despite my efforts to keep in shape, practicing yoga, going for long walks and eating the right foods, along with of course coffee, chocolate, the occasional glass of wine (honest) and many mugs of tea, both herbal infusions as well as the dark stuff topped up with full fat milk!  a balanced diet so to speak

 this led to me wanting to use the acorns into making small dolls, with tiny beads for eyes, a mouth and a cunt (as it so happens I was not the only person with cunts on her mind, I refer of course to Grace's post 'how It is, or, appears to be', where she in turn points us towards the podcast The C-word in Kaizen's post  'words' ) and as I had 3 table-leg-stumps with which to make the type of doll I had in mind, I made 3 dolls, which of course led to them being nick-named The Three Graces, goddesses representing beauty, charm and creativity

they not only have each other for company, the long-fingered toad and the dashing Garden Tiger Moth immediately latched on, quite literally, realising something groovy could happen if they did their best tickling the Graces' fancies; who knows what could come (out) of this?

added bonus: dear friend J returned from Sweden bearing exquisite wicker work gifts: a picnic basket and the rug beater, which immediately set their excited minds racing.....

p.s. I have added a new page SHOP, which is a shop


Mo Crow said…
love your whimsy of wild women!
Unknown said…
Very creative ...
Saskia said…
Love your alliteration Mo
Maybe even procreative Tina
in 7 Questions For the Dalai Lama, he was asked, what would Help now,
what would help humankind? He thought, moments, and responded as
he does..."more picnics". "we need More picnics"....Paraphrased, probably,

so the picnic basket, of course, necessary for the Times and well...
the rug beater...i think all goddess' would have one, or a facsimile.

i will look forward to learning what Transpires as they settle in.

New Shop...VERY NICE. Someday i'll need to do better with a Shop. maybe.
Liz A said…
Well, "I'm not dead ..." is a title in the best 18th-century tradition. It also illuminates the delightful pillow that flew into our home this past week. Huzzah for your new shop!
Nancy said…
...and so there they were, out in the sunshine, buck naked, beating the rugs and having the time of their lives!!
I'll go check the shop out :)
alsokaizen said…
I love these ladies! each in her own stage of life and ready for further adventures, with snacks packed for the road!
Fanny said…
Love les trois Graces ...
Maria buysse said…
i heard they say .... all good things count 3 .... !!!! ?
right or wrong ?Big smile ,
i like the wind these days she carres my skin my hear i carrres back and after a while she lie down on the feelds and take somme rest like i do eather
Saskia wish you good rest eather
groetjes hou van je
Debbie said…
Oh these made me smile, brilliant, will now pop over to your shop.
Saskia said…
what a great answer he gave Grace, hope to have a couple whilst we're in Cornwall (leaving tomorrow!)

thanks for letting me now they have arrived Liz, how are they settling in?

weather permitting they will remain so for quite a while Nancy

always a moveable feast, the ever changing body, or that's what I tell myself

merci Fanny

indeed Maria, and let's hope more will evolve

smiling is GOOD Debbie, I like to think of you smiling



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