tell tale signs

 'I'm not dead' he says

Nope, you're not I think to myself, or I wouldn't have heard you

'I'm just lying here, looking up at the sky as it appears through the tree branches'

'What at?' I ask

'Nothing in particular, simply gazing and pondering, letting thoughts drift' he replies

'Pondering what exactly?'

'The state of things'

'Oh my, that sounds Big; what have you concluded?'

'They are in a Muddle'

'How so, and who are they?'

'All of us and well, there seems to be a lot of confusion nowadays'

'You don't say....'

'I do' the bird on his back tweets


'Just that; loads to examine these days, hence the lying about on one's back looking up'

'Ah, kind of makes sense; I guess you'll be doing that for quite some time then'

'I agree that will probably be the case'

 - the pondering bird lost a feather, so I sewed it onto the back of his small pillow -

'we would very much appreciate some extra stars! could you please add them onto our tree? pleeeeaaase and thank you sooooooo much Saskia'
I am onto it, will post a pic asap

- back -

breezy bird
standing firm
amidst the turmoil,

we had quite the Summer storm yesterday
he's still here
nice to know he is

- back -

if I have seemed 'off' for a while now, it's because reorganisation in the office is afoot; in March we were informed almost the entire customer service dept. is to be outsourced, through a so-called transfer of undertaking, meaning we don't lose our jobs but are offered the option to work for the new employer, or you can resign, losing all rights to any kind of unemployment benefit; today we finally heard where the new business is situated; it entails at least an hour's drive to this new office in the morning and at least an hour's drive back home in the evening, if all goes well, some of us have to travel even further, whereas they used to come on their bikes! (so much for saving the planet) hour may not seem such a big deal, but traffic in the Netherlands is notorious and basically the entire country is one big traffic jam during rush hour; we were strictly forbidden to talk about this publicly and so I could not share what was occupying my mind, even today we were kindly requested to keep schtum until D-Day, which has now been postponed to 1 October (1 September was the original date) however we have kept silent long enough and I doubt anyone in the firm reads my blog, so there it is - out in the open so to speak



Mo Crow said…
lucky charms
Nancy said…
I adore each and every one!
I know what an hour each way feels like. Hang in there Sasx. I'm hoping for the best for you all. I do an hour commute now, my old commute was 90 miles each way, 2.5 hr w/out awful traffic!! Did that for 7 yr. Blech.
susan hemann said…
wonderful! your little pillow with the bird on it, is it for sale?
Saskia said…
Thnx Susan
Which one do you mean?
susan hemann said…
the gray polka dot and black bird pillow
Saskia said…
Sorry he is not for sale



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