a bit of fun on a summer sunday's afternoon

 we have been enjoying gloriously hot weather, although if I'm honest some have enjoyed it more than others; I for one love the heat and Django does not seem to mind, we go swimming together in the river the Linge, not pictured here; I don't join him as he dives into the vliet, as it is too difficult to clamber up back onto dry land for the likes of me
I was inspired by Grace's black and white necklace and the way it was draped around a plastic crow's neck over in her post messages, so I went and made one for GhostBird, at his specific request; here he is showing off 

he already had a blue one, which as actually a broken bracelet, but hey he adores it, he quite likes trinkets and dressing up

I liked the result so much I made one for self

at long last mended eldest's torn jeans, such a satisfying job, once it's done!

table cleared of clutter and moved about a bit, still not quite certain where it will go; I like how the different objects left markings, such as the heart shape.....

....which manifested itself after removing this tin; I'm guessing I placed the dead bird in it about a year ago; it is completely dessicated and no longer smells, it is now stuck to the tin: a beautiful object 

meet my new potato friends
the lengths food will go to these days not to be eaten: they have grown arms, legs and one of them even has a head! the wrinkly one in the back is posing as a mouse, knowing full well I don't eat mice (not that I don't eat meat, mind you, 'cos I do, it's just that mice tend not to have enough meat, so it's not worth the effort)
and thus the black-faced sheep has company on the kitchen windowsill
they look like they are enjoying themselves

if I didn't know better  it would seem they are waving at us and inviting us to join them


so DEBONAIR!!!! it's "HIM"!

i just am ready to plant similar potatoes...who knows.
Mo Crow said…
oh my goodness or rather, "oh my stars and whiskers" as Hazel would say, I have never ever looked at a potato in this way... you have changed my life (((Saskia)))) & the Old Bird King looks very pleased!
Ms. said…
Charming indeed and I find that a great many vegetables are more than to role play. In fact I have a series of photographs of dries carrots with their roots in various configurations. If I had land I'd be planting potatoes to Grace but the idea of making them creatures won't work for my small enclosed apartment space (the smell of rotting spud is nauseating)
Nancy said…
Ah, those potatoes! Such a celebration of Life over here (and death too of course). xoNancy
Julie S said…
Leave it to you to bring potatoes to life.
Anonymous said…
bones, beads and dancing potatoes -- how is it I'm not surprised?
Patty said…
Those shapes on your work surface. A mute poem.
Saskia said…
Debonair, yes Grace! He's extremely pleased with this epithet; whenever we have visitors now, he introduces himself as 'GhostBird The Debonair' (he sometimes even offers an added 'at your service' although we have as yet to witness any actual services being rendered...)

it's a gift Mo, ;-)

carrots too, Michelle; I know just how delightfully bright and colourful they start off (especially compared to the humble potatoes) with their spindly, elegant legs, only to end up all shrivelled and withered......

as always Nancy, as always (see next post)

hahaha Julie, hmm not sure about the breathing into part though - where are their tiny mouths? - if I'm not very careful I would blow them to shredded potatoes

happy to oblige Dee

oh yes Patty a mute poem, I hadn't thought of it like that



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