back from Greece, back to our lovely home, to see Spring has arrived and everything is growing fast, sweet chestnut leaves unfurling each day, bumble bees bumbling, birds nesting, the apple blossom so abundant it almost hides His collapsing shed; the small pillows have increased their numbers as well; I've placed two pictures of each and added a description in between the two sides with the prices

two not quite completely finished pillows above and below a front, needing a backing and filling.....

the Two Moons, mother and daughter trees, or maybe mother and son, or even father and daughter; where the birds come to talk about what moves them, the stars come out at night and shine on the small fruits, twirling as they turn into blossom and eventually fade away....this one still needs it's stuffing
flown north-easterly direction

he was very happy to see us 

they gaze upward and at each other, sighing as only best friends can, content at being together not having to talk; a tree was added on the 'back' with a deep red heart celebrating friendship
flown west

Looking Outward
the birds both look away, outward to what they do not yet know, interested in their surroundings.....wanting to venture out and see what it is that is just around the corner....

as you can see: the sides continue seamlessly (still have to sew the bottom together)
30 euro's

The Philospher, contemplating the world as it unfolds before him, before us all, withholding judgement, eating a fresh plum from time to time
flown south

Tiny BlueBird, too agitated to keep still, hence the blurry image; he so desperately wants to get to the tree on the other side...
25 euro's

BlackBird who started it all, he's staying with us as we have grown very attached to him and we like to think he has grown fond of us in return

GreenBirdie 'look at the stars falling from the skies' he cries
27,50 euro's

Naked Guy and PartyBird join forces; if you can stand the noise they call music they might be the small pillow for you
25 euro's

'where are we heading?' OrangeBird asks the dog
'we aren't heading anywhere' he replies grumpily 'I am heading West, or was it East, you can do whatever you want OrangeBird'
'if that is the case, I will follow you from above'
trotted off to a neighbour's house

Freckled Bird, he prefers the moon and the stars to bright sunshine, keep that in mind if you should wish to purchase him
30 euro's

a very romantic bird (VRB): 'she loves me, she loves me not' he exclaims as he counts the stars and when the answer does not satisfy, he continues to count the fruits in the tree
30 euro's


Mo Crow said…
your pillows are so full of joy!
Nancy said…
I'm completely charmed!
May I please have the "two best friends" with the deep heart on the 'back'? Unless you have another in mind for me...let me know.
Saskia said…
Hi Nancy. Perfect. It is yours.
you live in a Magic World...inside and out....
how GOOD it feels here much to see and then the
water world
if only i could walk down a path and be there.....I'll try to dream it,
maybe i can.....
Ms. said…
Of course I want almost all of them but none for me right now due to other priorities, still I lOVE looking. Such whimsy and personality in tiny spaces! Charming! Send me that white wild flower field though if you can find the right size package :-->
susan hemann said…
I would love to purchase looking outward, not sure how to do it?
Saskia said…
Hi Susan if you could mail me your address to I will send the pillow your way. Payment is easiest via PayPal. I hope that is okay with you
Saskia said…
Wouldn't that be something
Saskia said…
Looking is free
Saskia said…
They bring me joy in the making
Nice this radiates
jude said…
Love them all!
Just a note, on my computer it is really hard to read your text the way it is colored on the dark background...
Saskia said…
Thnx Jude. Will sort out the colour combinations .....



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