the wind in the willows.....

the dog stepping lightly

robinia pseudoacacia, standing tall and proud on our drive; the wood pigeons love the tender, green leaves and so there are several couples feasting to their heart's content; they also shit all over our cars parked just beneath and next to the tree, haha, what goes around comes around; and now for something completely different

It is my pleasure to introduce to you the instatement of a formal services&support unit for you our dear followers, and so without further ado, I hereby declare the Office open for some serious business, TaDa!

'Official Office for the Customer Service Dept.
For all your queries concerning the
shenanigans in the Dwelling; furthermore we offer possible answers to unknowns in the minds & hearts of those who tend to visit the Birdhut'

they have a typewriter, a wifi-connected laptop, 2 landlines and 1 mobile connection; they have pencils, paper, stamina, not forgetting motivation, dedication and friendly voices; in short: they are Ready!

Polish Honorata is the office manager, happy walk-about Buddha is her top-assistant, baby, bird and piglet are there to listen and learn the tricks of the trade; Harry, the Hairy Lion is Boss, because of his impressive looks and deep voice, not because he's in any way bossy; poor monkey in the backround has covered his ears as he's worried there'll be too much noise; nobody's sure what exactly he's doing here (always someone like that in any office worldover)

BuddhaBird muscled his way in and feels it's his place to be here as well, so okay then....

feel free to ask whatever you wish
we will get back to you asap


Saskia said…
dear Grace,
wow such a big question straight away

yes to your assumption that we too have a one-being one-vote system in The Dwelling, although the outcome is never a surprise, and one can safely assume that as long as OBK is here with us and remains eligible, he will remain our benign leader

as to the second part of your question, I don't feel confident or wise enough to offer my thoughts (which I might not even have, or if I do they are not coherent enough) and so went in search of an answer elsewhere.

The Huffington Post of 2 February 2017: In 'a Zen master's advice on coping with Trump' several Buddhist brothers and sisters from Plum Village in France offer very clear advice: “If we can be strong in ourselves, then we could offer a resistance that is nonviolent,” “But that means that we ourselves are at a place where we can have that recognition and we can offer that to another. And that is a great, great source of love and having the other feel they’re being recognized and listened to and embraced.”
'Nonviolent action arises from the compassion, lucidity and understanding you have within.”
and what I find a useful reminder: “We have the wrong perception that we are separate from the other,” “So in a way Trump is a product of a certain way of being in this world so it is very easy to have him as a scapegoat. But if we look closely, we have elements of Trump in us and it is helpful to have time to reflect on that.”

In this article there is a reference to James S. Gordon's comment in the Guardian of 9 February 2017, where I found this nugget of wisdom (the entire comment is well worth reading): 'The joker who is now our president has served an important function, waking us up to what we’ve not yet admitted in ourselves or accomplished in our country. He is, without realizing it, challenging us to grow in self-awareness, to act in ways that respect and fulfill what is best in ourselves and our democracy.'

thank you dear customer for making me think again about these matters; does it answer your question? do you have any more questions?

Saskia said…
oops sorry Grace, I deleted your query....that's customer service for you.....
Saskia said…
Grace's original question:

dear Customer Service

i have, all my life, i am old now, have been under the understanding of
One person, one vote. All equal.

I believe this might be so at the some way or another.

But in my world where i live, i think i have been sold a bill of goods.

Can you offer any thoughts?
Nancy said…
I am so glad to see of this development, for what is a society (no matter how small) without Customer Service?! If we each thought of ourselves as an agent of Customer Service in our dealings with one another...well, what a much finer state of interacting we would have! I also must add that I have been thinking about the Dwelling and so glad to see some of the crowd there :)
One small question is of the physical nature. I notice the floorboards of the Office sometimes look solid and sometimes hold an interesting trap of a grid pattern...what gives? I think it would be quite challenging not to fall in while pacing about on a particularly long or stressful Customer Service call!
Sending LOVE to all and best wishes for a very successful and fulfilling new adventure.
Saskia said…
...on a more personal note, I get that the whole of it sucks and there are no easy answers
I speak for all of us here: we hear you.
P.S. Honorata apologizes for the hiccups....losing your original query was unprofessional.
We live to learn and aim to please
Saskia said…
Ah the flooring. Excellent question Nancy. The original floor boards are solid. The added floorspace is grid-like so as to limit loss of light in the areas below. This involves an element of risk which management finds acceptable. As most of the smaller beings who are most likely to fall through such a gap happen to be birds and are thus capable of flight, accidents are unlikely. Should any other critter unfortunately loose their footing, they have been instructed to shout for help and the rescue team sloop down into action. So far no one has been hurt.
P.S. the baby boy says hi. He is very happy here and is enjoying his life with his head stuck back on. Makes the job a lot easier.
Saskia said…
'swoop' not 'sloop'
Nancy said…
Hahaha Yes, it is much easier with your head firmly attached!
jude said…
and i can read much more clearly!
Saskia said…
That is proper customer service for you



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