what it looked like and how it is slowly becoming something else:

warmer, earthier, more me
more tactile

there are so many spaces for everything I make and find; I have decided to call self a 'maker' rather than an artist (although there's nothing wrong with that of course)
what I like about this word 'maker' is that it is the same in English and in Dutch ánd means the same thing as well; will have to make (haha) a new business card!

the general idea is to cover up most of the white panelling right down to the floor, covering up those bricks as well; I might add a layer of white wash to make it more uniform and lighter, have not yet quite decided, isn't finished so all the more reason to wait; couldn't resist hanging stuff all over the walls though, I tend to do that: move in the decorations before things are finished; will also be using those beautiful wooden floor-tiles on the floor, eventually it will be a true treasure

late afternoon Sun

p.s. have been kind of absent here, yet again due to dental ill-health issues,....switched dentists as I no longer trusted my former one, will not bore you with my physical woes and sufferings (I can be quite a drama queen in pain!) Suffice to say I collapsed last Sunday onto the sofa and called in sick for this week, still have a root canal to look forward to on Saturday, anyway am in safe hands once more


it's the 4th pic....the intimacy i feel from it


You make me so happy....
Mo Crow said…
Wow! Saskia your studio is transformed into a cabinet of curiosities!
Liz A said…
Oh I love all of this, but the stacks of books most of all!!

Be better soon ...
Saskia said…
Grace you have nailed it, it is indeed Intimate, the word eluded me whilst writing the post; I feel as if my essence is laid bare now, aging does that, more and more so

Mo, it is that too! I love the Harry Potter films with all the fiddly details, Sam Lee Song's second cd cover, stuff like that inspires me

know what Liz, those books belonged to my grandparents (my dad's parents) they had a huge book collection, these leatherbound copies aren't as old as they might seem, they had them rebound to look more classy I guess, must ask my dad why they did it; the books have been moving about with me ever since we moved my grandmother out of her home to a caretaking appartment, I think that was in 1990, so they've been with me a long time now and I never had quite the perfect place for them! and now I do
Debbie said…
Loving this whole new look, very earthy and the books great, oh and all those little box shelves. I also like to call myself a maker, I don't feel right with the word artist, one of the advantages of being a tapestry weaver its self contained though of course I do more now, influenced by friends and blogs.
And the cushions, looking so cosy.
jude said…
and here I am as if visiting you. Maker is better, yes.
Saskia said…
thx a lot Debbie, cosy cushions for comfort in the dark days

welcome visitor; 'tis what we do, right?
Ms. said…
What a pleasure to join in with the inspired transformation as a visitor....and you have my utter sympathy for dental distress as I told you...I was a long time sufferer and there is nothing more debilitating. Soon be over and you can relax it the new surround once more.
Saskia said…
some relaxation would be nice Michelle!
today for the first in weeks was completely pain-free for a couple of hours, I am learning to appreciate these moments
so here i am, back again and looking more and trying to just SENSE
what it is that is so striking to me...

the first thought is that it's not a Museum. It's not a place where
things you have found and loved, things you have made are KEPT....but
rather that thing i have about Diorama. This is a living world i'm
looking at. it has a heartbeat.

second is that what you make is so UN Selfconscious....
Thing simply Appear through the movement of your hands...that old term
handmaiden. you are the handmaiden of your art.

so...this much for now, but i am very very Taken by this post
Maria buysse said…
hey saskia , welkom bij de " MAKERS " the inspire workers,tot een nog meer aangename plaats heb je het gecreëerd .
wens jullie een warmhartige eindejaar tijd toe
Julie S said…
Yes, a living diorama. I share your affinity for cases and boxes and crypts and never thought to put MYSELF inside one! I love it. Are these wood panels? Old cabinets? Not clear and I gotta know,

Best to your teeth. They can be so cranky.
Saskia said…
hee Maria, dank je; lange tijd niets gehoord, ik zag je ook niet op andere blogs in de commentaren; ik wens jullie ook een warme, liefdevolle kerst en nieuwjaar toe!

hi there Grace & Julie, living within a diorama, sounds Grand & very Fine to me; my dear friend M. was here yesterday and loves the transformation: 'so utterly and completely you' she said, adding: 'fortunately for the rest of us your inner world is a cosy, warm and welcoming place - imagine it had been dark and black, would have turned your studio into quite something else'
Ha, she always knows how to make me smile.

in answer to your question Julie: all the panelling is wood, old, new and everything in between: planks from an ikea futon, an antique table, left-overs from the veranda and other places, a small cupboard &c.

Sue McQ said…
Firstly, I hope you are feeling better each day. Love those little stitches pillows at the end. So sweet.
Saskia said…
much better, thank you Susan; you know once the pain disappears it's almost as if it never happened



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