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 not what you would call a proper winter, up until this morning that is: we wake up to blue skies and white splendor....we go for a walk, traipsing through a magical world; you know magic never lasts and as the temperature rises steadily the sun's rays have the trees dripping white icicles, as we return home all goes green and brown once more

As always thinking way too much whilst walking, on such matters as 'why do what I do?''why bother?' knowing there aren't any real answers to these kinds of musings....how the other day a friend visiting in the studio mentioned she could see how I was on a search, the individual pieces are in fact studies for whatever....yes, that is it

fragments of thought:
the studio is more and more a reflection of self, imperfect & unfinished - which is a good thing, for only death brings finality - 
talent is, as I see it, stretching (beyond) the bounderies of one’s limitations....
How I ‘work’: by association, never a proper plan, I just start, get going.... one thing inevitably leading to another, often unrelated, but somehow circling towards the same goal
expression, impress, breathing, non-verbal communication, communion
happy new year


Mo Crow said…
love how your work reflects the spirit of place
Nancy said…
I am always a huge fan of your work...always loving how well you capture the dog and the way your work speaks so strongly of your place. Right now I am also loving the direction your studio is taking. It is a place of curiosity! I want to spend time embracing it all!
PS Nice "S" hook. ;)
Maria buysse said…
hey Saskia , inderdaad het reflecteerd helemaal wie jij bent !!
here we have also the frozen crystals on the trees on everything .
happy new year to your family aswell
Debbie said…
Your thoughts echo the way I think often, as you say there are no answers, just maybe compulsion. Love the cushions and the frosty morning, we had three but are now back to dull damp days again.
Julie S said…
the best of searching to you for the year ahead
Saskia said…
making me a mirror, or perhaps a reservoir of undercurrents, Mo.....haha!
you noticed the hook Nancy, wow you really are a fan; I wish you could see it all in the flesh
dank Maria, het is helaas nu niet meer zo helder, we hebben sindsdien mist, mist en nog eens mist
'compulsion' of course Debbie, I hadn't thought of it like that; we're back to dull dark days ourselves, alas such is winter of recent years; good luck with your gathering of thoughts.....
thank you Julie, I will continue to Search & Share!
Liz A said…
I love your cloth hanging freely ... something to consider doing. Thank you for that.

Wishing you peace in the new year.
Sue McQ said…
Saskia...I have asked myself many times over the years "why?" - its just a part of me to create, even if that creation doesn't get finished. Its in the bones and, more importantly, the soul. Your little pillows are like touch stones.
have thought a lot about this post, thought to say things, but then

i so much respect you and what and how you do what you do, how you
Live your Making, how your Making is your Environment, how you
move IN it and OF it...

Just am SO GLAD that you invite us Into it all...
Love and Love
jude said…
Hey! Happy new Year! A nice visit.
Ms. said…
Happy New Year and whatever will be will be. I started by constructing a new blog, then got muddled by the format and went back to the old blog. Talk about circling! Well just to keep my two cents in and stay in touch with bloggers like you whom I love.
Saskia said…
something I was contemplating for a while now Liz, finally had the courage to get the long ladder and position it just so and screw the eyelet things into the ceiling and cut the nylon fishing thread, and decide what to hang where, which was pretty random.....a lot of climbing up and down in order to get it 'right' ...... it was worth it

Susan, I very much like the term 'touch stones' as it aptly describes the physical and more spiritual qualities they hold for me

thank you Grace, as always your words of encouragement mean a great deal to me



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