autumn has a lot to offer

leaves hanging by a thread

grateful for holding water
I think he's thinking: 'as long as I keep my eyes shut, there's no one there staring at me and taking pictures of me as I mind my own business; I sincerely hope she's gonna bugger off soon, pardon my french'
grateful for small encounters

grateful for food our land offers

grateful for a safe haven

introductions are made

 last friday I was in town with my close friend M. and we happened to meet a beautiful white goat; I liked her straight away: just look at those hiking boots and her rucksack-basket, those horns! of course I immediately thought of Grace and her goats. We got to talking, one thing led to another and I can tell you she has a sweet and gutsy personality and has purposely travelled here to meet us. She knew about everybody here in The Dwelling, so she decided to walk the roads, track the trails, hike through the woods and over the mountains, alone or when her path crossed a fellow traveller heading in the same direction, she shared the road ....Her name, and I know some of you will be familiar with her, is Snowbunny
Grace and I believe she is a reincarnation, goat Snowbunny's to be precise

the small birds who flew here last year all the way from Julie's place, have fallen in love with Snowbunny (then again, who hasn't) and this one seems determined to live in her basket

grateful for kindred souls


Mo Crow said…
what is that beautiful bird next to the mushrooms in the 4th photo, a pheasant or a chook?

just yesterday when walking by SnowBunny's earth place here, felt like
she had lifted up and gone on.

How so so Perfect that her Bodhisattva spirit has chosen the Dwelling,
what a totally Wonder FULL surprise and i look forward to hearing/seeing
her doings there, for whatever reason i imagine that she will find
good company in Bird Boy. She loved Julian, the greatgrandson a lot...
and i think he and Bird Boy might have things in common. But we'll see.
She has a mind of her own and it's all up to her now, (again).....
I will be thinking of all it seems that this is an example
of how it IS true that we pull a thread of continuity through the lives...

SUCH GIANT AND BIG LOVE TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and pheasant...ahhhhh.
Ms. said…
Terribly grateful you decided to post about delicious domestic goings on today. Face book reminded me that we've been FB Friends for a year (Ha)- Your posts take me out of the realms of contentious politics and into the realms of love and home and connections that matter. Thoughts of Snowbunny the beautiful and Grace's comment of her pure soul having gone on. Just lovely. Thank you.
Nancy said…
Wonderful! This new/old Snowbunny arriving at the Dwelling! Beautiful things to come, I'm sure of it! J. loves seeing your toads :)
Julie S said…
Glad that little Chick found sanctuary at long last. She kept trying to cuddle up to the dogs, but they kept mistaking her for kibble with legs.
Sue McQ said…
I am grateful for a safe haven too!
i love coming back

and i love seeing that SnowBunny has chosen, most likely unbeknownst to her in her New SnowBunny self, has chosen my style of Style. the boots, sweater, back pack. She and i are more close now, in this new way even than we were when she was here. She is now both ways. How Beauty FULL is that.
Saskia said…
it's a pheasant Mo

Michelle, connecting here is good and gratifying

there are countless toads in the garden Nancy, in all sizes and all shades of green-brown, they're among my garden favourites

good thing they didn't Julie, they have become inseperable!

safe havens are few and far between these days Susan

Grace, you know the reason I fell in love with her was the fact she was wearing those boots and bearing the rucksack 'my kind of girl!' I thought and she is just that. All she wore when we met, was a skirt, the boots of course plus the red scarf, she had not so much as an undershirt to keep her warm, it being Autumn and with Winter on it's way we most certainly had to fix that: the woolen vest is a hand-me-down from one of the boys' cuddly toys, can't remember which one exactly.....anyway fits Snowbunny perfectly. I also knitted this funny wrist-warmer thingy (was in fact too lazy to make socks) which is also perfect for her as she uses it as a sleeping bag: her head sticks out on one side and her boot-clad hooves out of the other, haha, it does look rather funny if I say so myself.
Liz A said…
I love your boat with billowed sail ... may we all brave the storms to come and find safe haven
Saskia said…
I'm confident we will Liz



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