another seemingly uneventful thursday, or was it

 raking leaves in the backyard, 
removing leaves from the low table, carefully,
knowing the bird is there;
then finding yet another one, just a bit further on the path along the house, almost hidden by the fallen leaves
this time a fresh body,
maybe the storm last weekend 
still has eyes

 making small cushions these days;
I find it comforting, making these soft objects;
something to do curled up on the couch next to the husband watching tv

the one on the left is filled with bird feathers, from birds he has shot and we have eaten; I have decided I want to use the entire animal, not just the meat.

I had imagined making a BuddhaBird, something very simple: a small bird skull on a stick, stuck in a chunk of wood, fat-bellied;
I saw him sitting on top of this particular cushion; I had assumed he would choose this one, because of the feathers.
other side

he chose this one with the full moon; he himself turned out different too: a skull hot-glued onto a stick, in turn hot-glued to a shell, it was a painful, messy process, much like birthing is; he complained a lot, was upset and not zen like at all; neither was I, feeling guilty for making him suffer, yet going ahead anyway

he came out okay I guess; I had already made this small cape-wrap-around snippet of clothing, not especially for him, but it fits perfectly; he has accepted the single feather 'makes you look smart' we all said to him; even though he's a BuddhaBird I find him difficult, not easy-going, then again I probably had unrealistic expectations to begin with

glowing in the spidery lights

on top of his moon amidst his new room mates

another Jude inspired project


Mo Crow said…
a beautiful honouring of the bird spirit
the cushions...resting places....

and i think even buddhas have their moments?
the cape is very good.
love to you on your good plain day
Julie S said…
I adore these cushions. Yes, comfort.
Ms. said…
Perhaps he is takes time....perhaps he didn't have enough time. Perhaps he will return to where he fell one day and perhaps as a human being with a better chance to complete his journey.
Debbie said…
Love the cushions, I have been making cushions as well but very simple ones, yours are just delightful.



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