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 the cloth* is growing steadily, there are a couple of 'rules'

there are always two layers (maybe I cheat a bit where edges meet, making three) and two fabrics together must try and be of the same thickness together, so that the all-over feel is more or less the same, weight-wise I (think I) mean; this is an important lesson I learned over at Jude of SpiritCloth

another lesson learnt from her: use fabrics that are easy to sew through, no point in intentionally hurting one's fingers for the craft! So I keep this in mind and test each new bit: does the needle glide through effortlessly, okay, no: not okay 
I must add, paying attention to the chosen needles themselves is worth one's while

also I only use running stitch, in some spots (so far at least) just to join bits of cloth together, in other spots, running back and forth, becoming kantha or quilting (or maybe that involves more layers) creating the beloved ripple effect and at the same time increasing the overall strength
as you can clearly see here: there aren't yet two layers everywhere, but there will be, even though I do like the light effects; I have decided I am going to make a completely new piece with just one layer of cloth, ha.

several things to enjoy about stitching a larger piece such as this design-less one: no worry about what to do, just add on a new bit of fabric; the stitching itself is very restful and almost meditative; the result is at once immediate and non-existent as it continually grows; I find it to be very forgiving

- a collection of finds from several walks -
I always wonder what happened to the birds that have lost their feathers, in this case the woodpecker feathers (as the white one, a dove? and the pheasant's were just the one, nothing to fret about)I found them on a path in the midst of the woods, there were several, not too many to imagine a feast for another creature, nor was there evidence of any bloody remains, but what then? Do they at times lose several feathers at once? Or was it indeed disaster? I use italics as this is how I initially would perceive the poor critter's death, however, if his death served as one then hopes as a meal for another being, well so be it. Unfortunate from his/her point of view of course, but then that is what we are to each other basically: food, I wonder who or what will eat me eventually? and whether I taste any good.....
proof of our hot weather 31C/88F on the porch, so not quite as it should be measured, however out back yet another thermometer-in-the-shade pointed towards 28,5C: meaning Hot & Humid over here;
funny this week, we started off with a cold Monday, followed by a slightly less cold Tuesday, both evenings torrential downpours, so we're not lacking in water! Wednesday lived up to the predictions: sunny, summery and dry. Thursday we could feel the temperature rising up to today: glaringly sunny, hot, humid, heavy weather, thunder and lightning predicted for this evening and as I'm typing this the sky has turned a pale grey.....got my exercise out of the way this morning, both indoors and out, watched part of the 
Roland Garros-semi-final between French player Tsonga and the Swiss Wawrincka, indoors being the only viable option round midday; the match is still ongoing, but I find it difficult to sit still in front of the telly during the day and so I'm pottering about in the shade! loving this minor heat wave, even cut off a dress from below the knee to above, to help keep me cool & dressed
how one side is defined by the other, I like love the randomness of this kind of 'design'

* I remember having a name for this cloth, but it has escaped me


Liz A said…
Here's a thought about feathers ... we started naming our wild turkey tom neighbors Notch One, Notch Two, and Notch Three for the number of tail feathers that they were obviously missing. I'm wondering if feather-pulling might be part of male dominance disagreements ... particularly around mating time
Mo Crow said…
Hi Saskia, love seeing the progress of your beautiful stitching & the treasures you have been gifted by Mother Nature
re feathers, birds molt all or part of their feathers once or twice a year, it takes a lot of energy so it is often done after nesting or before migration
here's a link
the Cloth...i started one something like this and yes...the pleasure of
just adding without a destination, just what is Pleasing in that single
it will be WonderFull in the light always...maybe leaving some central
pieces as single layer

mine came apart because i wanted to use some of it for other things...this
makes me want to begin again
Ms. said…
Though I am not cloth making these days I can appreciate a good one when I see it, and I love the process too. Mostly, the treasures catch me, as they caught you. Hot is something we have just not seen or felt yet, but we will. I know we will.
Nancy said…
I always love how your cloths come together and the way & places you choose to stitch. I also always like the light you seem to capture, so I'll be interested to see where this one goes. The treasures are dreamy! We're usually that hot, but lately we've had morning (or all day) fog, which is known as June Gloom :)
Take care, Nancy
Anonymous said…
pieces of rag come together as a fine cloth a curtin
done by hands and eyes and needle AND FINGERS to create it
groetjes M.
jude said…
a lovely cloth making....
Julie S said…
I can feel the cadence through your words and pics. Gentle, but present. Like a lake in the wind, but not an ocean.
Anonymous said…
as I 'struggle' to find a way to build a BED quilt for my older son and still keep the process enjoyable, I find I am not. And so I look at this incredible process here and the incredible result, and wonder, should I just forget the batting? and go with two layers of cloth? I like the business of having a 'rule' or two as well... it can inform the crafting in very specific ways.
Saskia said…
should you forget about the batting? well Dee, it's not for me to say, although I gather your question is rhetorical; what I have learned from Jude is that of course originally there was no batting, just layers of bits of cloth, using what was there; I like the idea of just using what I have now at this particular moment and not having to go out and buy something for this evolving piece.
are you comparing what I do here to a large body of water?? Julie, well okay then, yes, I happen to live in the wetlands so that is most appropriate; just kidding, I thank you and I read it as a compliment.
thanks Jude
ah yes M. a set of nimble fingers are indeed required.
Nancy, I personally welcome the hot weather, despite the heaviness it brings, summer just wouldn't be the same without it.
Michelle, I imagine your place filled with found treasures....
so Grace, I will be watching to see how a new piece might become
ha Mo, thanks for your link, as always you know the best places to visit
hmmm Liz, I must see if I might witness such an occurrence, for I have noticed fighting amongst the many birds that visit our garden
Dana said…
The organic growth of your cloth reminds me of time and life. I like to think of you stitching in the warm summer air. Also, what a great thermometer.
Saskia said…
ha Dana, I too like to think of me stitching in the warm summer air, alas alas, the weather is quite unsummery these days; the thermometer comes from the States, my brother lived there for a couple of years



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