summer is so soft, calm and balmy these days, it has taken me almost by surprise: how 'all of a sudden' one realizes the days are indeed longer and in an unassuming way more productive; dyeing pots have materialized and if I can remain patient enough, they too reveal their beautiful dye results; below a linen shirt, no mordant, fresh from the avocado-rusty-ring-clamp-copper-pot, the circles make all the difference as a long-sleeved t-shirt from the same pot was far less spectacular and will be subjected to more efforts i.e. prints (all will be revealed in a later post) Meanwhile the 'larger slow cloth' is becoming larger inch by snail-paced inch; I have to admit being very pleased with the result so far....I did say there were a couple of rules (f.e. two layers all over) however in places I so love the single layer I am tempted to leave it as such, as long as the strength and overall feel aren't compromised 

you kind of get a sense of the size as the garden bench seats three


Marti said…
Saskia, what is wonderful to see here is the juxtaposition of your dyed cloths: the blouse, bold industrial chic with its rust markings;the slow cloth moving to the color of the season, soft hues from nature yet incorporating the elements, wind, etc through the rippling stitch work. I love how you have displayed it on your bench and I would sit on the bench and wrap the cloth around me, let it rest on my body, sip a cup of tea, listen to the sounds of the day and become one with it all...
Debbie said…
Loving the cloth, colour stitch and the blouse I like the supplety of the colour and yes the rings really add something.
Liz A said…
Love seeing your cloth peeking out from its folded self ... beautiful kantha as always!
Nancy said…
This cloth is growing beautifully. Such lovely photos in your soft summer. You have such a way of capturing the essence of where you dwell and who you are.
Mo Crow said…
love your pared back sense of colour and line
Saskia said…
wrapped in this cloth is Exactly how i pictured self in my mind's eye whilst taking this photograph.....so communication thru the air-waves Marti....and now that we're experiencing a minor heat-wave, the cloth gathers yet another layer: one of protection against the heat

subtle colours indeed, Debbie, although i am experimenting a bit with wooden stamps and textile paints on the shirts, for a bit of razz-me-tazz

the old kantha keeps me going Liz

the essence of who i am, it's a tricky one as i cannot step outside of self and therefore find it hard to define what that would be Nancy, but i get what you say

thanks Mo, i would like a bit more colour, but find that hard to achieve with the plant dyes, still lots to learn there!



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