Sunday, 25 January 2015

light headed/lichthoofdig

yesterday for a few hours we had snow
today, all was back to normal, grey skies and green and muddy earth, some quality time in the studio: another collage plus poem by Herman Gorter

mijn ogen zijn dicht
ik proef en slik
mijn hoofd is licht
ik ben bijna niet

my eyes are shut
i taste and swallow
my head is light
i almost don't exist 

in book world we're almost into the poetry month, i hope i can display this collage in the shop


Julie S said...

Your collage work is so seamless, I absolutely cannot tell what is an original image and what is a function of your happy little scissors!!

Nancy said...

Love the new collage work. This poem works very well here, I think :)

Anonymous said...

sask. you do it so wel and you know it , you love to do this and it is great really .... seamless.
groetjes M.

Liz A said...

At first I thought you had cut out letters, then realized you indulged your love of rubber stamp letters (which I share) ... cunning.
You have a "wild imagination" ... truly a creator of images

Debbie said...

Love the collage

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Dog has shifted. All puppy gone, Dog now.
and the collage, well...
it Must be displayed

Heather said...

Your collage work is brilliant - and is seamless with the poem. I thought it was the work of one person. You are a woman of so many talents, Saskia!

Marti said...

It's Feb. 5th- is your terrific collage up in the bookstore? I hope so and maybe a photo of it there, if possible?