did a spot of printing with a couple of friends, forgot to take pics - although I did continue after they were gone, proof of which can be seen in last image and I had a go at collage after having read Julie's tips over at Threading the Dog here. Old magazines and books have been sacrificed for this

I used an old fake leather note book cover as print material, never used the note book as the paper was just too awful, very cheap quality; the paper I printed on is from yet another note book from India made with recycled materials 


Julie S said…
And even the bird makes an appearance, although I can't find a dog. It is amazing how you can create the Saskia palette from old magazines.

The printing is so intricate--how did the leather cover work into the process? Did you tool it or were these the imprints already on it?
Saskia said…
hi Julie, the imprints were in the leather, no input from me; as I mentioned I couldn't use the note book because of the lousy paper, but I liked the cover so much I kept it and cut off the two bits I could use for the collage: just as I was going to say 'done' I remembered I'd seen a bird in one of the magazines and having found it, cut it out, realizing I now had to find a dog, but that as you see, didn't materialize.
Maybe later.......
Anonymous said…
the bird hat and even the eyes i like that , one day i will make some for myself
Julie thanks for sharing and of course you saskia
Ms. said…
life IS a collage, and this woman is very beautiful.
Dana said…
Nice extrapolation on Julie's very wonderful collage post! I love the way these ideas translate between people. Those Indian prints are so beautiful. How clever of you to figure out a way to use them.
isn't there just such a unique Satisfaction with Collage? and it
becomes like an altered state, doing it, freeing the mind to think more deeply of Association. it's Great!



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