trying to remember....and looking forward

this was our view from the balcony, it's where I found this tiny bird skeleton; at first I thought it was dust gathered in a bundle, after closer inspection however I was delighted to discover it was in fact a creature, or rather had been and then felt sad because it no longer was; he traveled back with us wrapped in tissue paper, the delicate package was then placed in my body cream container (during our stay there I generously applied the cream making sure the container was empty just in time for our homeward journey)
He still sleeps on his bed of tissues and already feels at home; here you see him kissing this sint jacobsvlinder or cinnabar moth we found on our walk last Thursday; I have to admit being confused about the insect as we claim it's a nighttime butterfly active during the day (sic) and in English it has become a moth, anyway what does it matter what it's called, these two seem to like each other

fruits from an unidentified tree, brought back home for dye experiments; I almost managed to finish reading and studying India Flint's Eco Colour (thank you Julie) during our stay in Marrakech and looked forward to trying out different dye techniques once I got back home; I also learned I could dye anywhere I wanted to as long as you have the right utensils with you, snap-lock bags for instance and fabrics, although you could of course start dyeing your clothes if you feel desperate.....I didn't dye btw, saved it for the home turf

down stairs loo smells of musk now thanks to this block -on the left- and we have a small bottle of huile d'Argan, why I didn't buy a larger bottle is beyond me; also bought this very nice handbag; I claim to not enjoy shopping, but somehow managed to buy quite a few things in the souk, they present it all so temptingly is my excuse

strange berries just before they are going to be wrapped in a bit of cotton fabric that has been previously dyed in ?I forget? anyway from what I understand from India Flint's book: overdyeing is good as the already dyed fabric has been mordanted by previous dyeing, are you still following me, so no need for extra mordants, we live in hope!

my row of promise: using ice-flower dye technique and solar dyeing, what we need is Time, Patience and Sun please


Marti said…
As someone who loves solar dyeing, it gave me great joy to see your last photo...yes to trying new foraging gifts for dyeing, yes to redyeing, ( I do it a lot), yes to having patience, sometimes that is hard for me but I have been known to keep cloth in compost piles for a month. Have not done so yet here in New Mexico because we have these ground squirrels that eat just about everything we plant and I could see them dining on my cloth !
all this. all this i love.
the kissing, especially
Julie S said…
I'm beginning to think someone walks ahead of you wherever you go and deposits bird skeletons.

That book belonged to you before you even asked for it, that's for sure.
Saskia said…
well Marti, all I have to do now is wait for the sun to actually appear! we've had a dreadful week with rain lasting all day long and then continuing through the night......I have done redyeing, but am only now beginning to understand how the one might influence the other, India Flint's book is amazing on so many levels
Yes Grace, that kiss really is something to behold, suddenly there is magic
oh my word Julie, you think! imagine people whispering to one another, oh no it's her again, have to rush and throw out yet another skeleton for her to 'find'



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